Transcript for Elizabeth Pritchard Jenkins journal 1843-1863. (MS 23389

We started for the Valley on the 9 of June from Kan[e]svil[l]e[.] when on the road thay obliged me to take the feathers out of my bed to pay for a hundred weight of her things to lessen the Wagon[.] I was very weak and poorly all the way and thay was very unkind to me[.] I mean sister Hall and sister Carmicle and Bro Hall behaved very bad charge me 10 dollars for his tr[o]uble and neve[r] took any troble with me but made me drive the cows along the road when I was not able but was many times ready to drop on the ground[.] I had many hard trials and troubles comeng over the plains to numererous to mencion [mention] but the Lord brought me safe to the Valley[.] I arived October 3 1851