Transcript for Ella Silver Rogers Cheshire, [Autobiographical sketch], reel 1, box 1, fd. 7, item 10


"All I can remember about the trip across the plains is how much I enjoyed it," declared Mrs. Ella Rogers Cheshire, 1034 Euclid Ave., who came with her parents to Utah in 1862 at the age of four. "And I know I am going to enjoy the 'Covered Wagon Days' celebration, when that historic trip is re-enacted, even more.

"I was too young to realize the perils and vicissitides of the trip, and I just proceeded to have a good time. It was an unusual and interesting experience to me. I was the only child in the family, so I had plenty of care. I never had to walk. When there wasn’t room for me in the wagons, either mother or father carried me. I can remember being carried by father across streams when he was so ill from the effects of cholera that he could hardly walk.

"I often rode with the men on horseback, too, and I thought that was fine. So I can’t say, as many of the pioneers do, that I 'walked all the way across the plains.'

"My family left Southampton, England, in the spring of the year, crossed the ocean in a sailing vessel, and made our way to Florence, Nebraska, where we were met by teams from Salt Lake. We came right on here, and I’ve lived in town ever since.