Transcript for Emma Howard Corbridge, Genealogical Society of Utah biography class collection, 1932-1937

. . . and in 1864 father, mother, and nine children, came, being on the ocean six weeks and three days. My father and three children were sick all through the states and till after we started on the plains. Father was reported dead but finally recovered. My two younger sisters died and also my mother three hundred miles from Salt Lake City. My mother died with her head in my lap as their was no room in the wagon to lie down. The oxen was yoked to the wagon when she passed away. I combed her hair while two of the sisters washed the body, put on clean clothes, and sewed her up in sheets. She was then put in the grave with sage brush on the top, then covered up with dirt. The wolves were so bad that they had to put sage brush on the grave so they couldn't find it so easy. After this was done they started on their journey. We got in to Salt Lake City the 27th of October meeting my brothers. They were surprised to see father, but disappointed not to see mother for they had not heard of her death.