Transcript for Ensign, Martin Luther, Autobiography 1897

We landed at Omaha on 17 th Apr and at the Florance [Florence] five miles above the same day by stage[.] In a few days all of the Elders had arived and preperations were made to Continue our Journey to Utah. The Church furnished teams, Wagons and Provisions to bring us home[.] we had 12 Wagons[,] 50 horses[,] 8 mules. We started from Florance [Florence] May 1 st and Orgenised on the 4 th [.] Capten of Com[pany] John W. Bary [Berry,] Capten of Gard Barnerd [Bernard] Snow[.] Clirk [Clerk] Thomas Bouluck [Bollock]

There were Eight in our mess, Thomas [R.] King, Robert [Reuben M.] McBride, Eli H[arvey] Pearce [Pierce], Thomas Pearce [Pierce], Enoch Rees[e], T. [Peter] Roberson [Robinson,] Henry Herriman & M[artin] L[uther] Ensign[.]. I was cheaf [chief] Cook. their ware about 125 men in the Com[pany] as near as I can remember

We had to walk most of the way[.] I walked 9/10 of the way or more. We had a very good Journey[.] all came Safe & without any troble.

The Army that came to Utah was at Bridger 125 miles from S[alt] L[ake] City. we took a road north of them and Came into the head of Echo Canion [Canyon.] the Army Started from Bridger the Same day[.] we passed there[.] We came onto the fromt [front] guard who were reparing the road and bridges in Echo Canion. they wanted to Stop us but Peace had ben declared by the Comision Sent out for that purpos[e] So we were not disturbed, we pased them and came 60 miles that day Camping on East Canion Creek. We arived in Salt Lake City June 21st 1858 Making the Journey in 52 days.

[Also found in Ensign, Martin Luther, Autobiography, in Utah State Historical Society Cache Valley Chapter, Historical resource materials for Cache Valley, Utah-Idaho, 1955-1956, reel 1, item 9, 6.]