Transcript for Ephraim Green journal, 1848 June-September and 1849 December


Organise asion of the camp Jonathan Ho[l]mes President Anison Prat[t] and Samuel Rogers, Counslors. Samuel Thompson Capten of fifty[,] Captons of tens J. C. SlyEphraim Green[,] [blank space] Elmore[,] Wm Cory Ephraim Green, Capt[blank space] Brown
[blank space] Stevens
John Eger [Eagar]
Jacob Truman
Wilford Hudson
Ira Willes
Sidney Willes
John White
Jonathan Ho[l]mes
Samuel Rogers




Monday, June 26th 1848 We finished loding our waggons and Started our Journy to Salt Lake[.] traveled 22 m and camped at the forks of the road the left hand leaving to Capt Sutters[.] sa..will grass and water plnty.

Tuesday, 27th traveled 22 miles over rather hilly and rough road and camped near Capt Sutters shingle camp[.] grass and water plenty.

Wednesday,28th traveled 8 m and arrived at the corall in Plesantt Vally[,] on a branch of the Copuy river intended for a rendisvous camp where we intended to collect together for a start. Three days before our arival I'm started to serch out the pass over the mountains.

Thursday, 29th my healh being rather poor[,] I remained in camp and braded a whiplash while one of my men crossed the ridge one and a half mile to a branch of the strumean river and collected half an ounce of gold with but little labour.

Friday, 30th I accompanied him to the mine[.] washed one and an eighth ounce of gold in less than half of the day[.] the heat of the wether with the feeble state of my helth fateigued me very mutch.

Saturday, July 1st I remained in camp.

Sunday 2nd I went with my butcher kife and collected nine dollars worth[.] the weather was so warm that I could not work but a small share of the day.

Monday, 3d our men with an m....[.] more waggons started on towards the mountains[.] we had one difecult hill to assend[.] traveled 5 m and camped on the dividing ridge at the foot of a bad hill.

Tuesday, 4th traveled 7 m to Slys Park[,] a beautifull bot..sen over a branch of the Cosney[.] here we overtook some of the waggon that had started on a head[,] one had broken an axletree[.] in the evening fired two rounds with the six pounder.

Wednesday, 5th a party of ten started to explore the road over the mountains.

Thursday, 13th the men arived and reported a pass over the mountains although it would be a bad waggon road without considerable work[.] they had not seen the three men that started previously to explore the road.

Friday, 14th remained in camp[.] a meeting was held to organise the camp for a start over the mountains[.] camp consiste of 17 waggons and 45 men and 20 pack anemils[,] cows and horses and soforth.

Saturday, 15th started rather late[.] went 10 milds [miles] and campt on the ridge[,] 1 mile from water and a poor part.

Sunday 16th travild six milds to camp vally[.] the road, verry hilly and bad.

Monday, 17th on our way early[.] the road rather rough and rocky through large thickets of brush with a bad hill near the camp[.] a number of cows and horses missing when we arived in camp at leek springs[,] 10 milds.

Tuesday, 18th remain in camp while a number went back to hunt for the cows and horses and found them a few milds back near the road[.] In the evening a meeting to organise the camp[.] J.H. Holmes apointed President and S.H. Rogers & Adison Prat[t] counselors.

Wednesday, 19th traveled 8 milds over verry hill ly and rocky roads[.] a spring on the ridge whare we found the graves of br Pruet[,] Allen[,] and Cox who had been murdered by the indians[.] they had started near four weeks previous to hunt a pass the mountains[.] they ware kild the second night after leaving the camp.

Thursday, 20 a large number of our horses oxen and cows was gon back[.] a company went back and found a part of the catle the rest remained in camp[.] we bilt a wall around the grave of our brethren and kiverd [covered] it with stone[.] we marked a tree near by the grave.

Friday, 21st too parties started to hunt more dilagent went in difrent directions the animils ware all but a few found with a few milds of the camp the camp moved from tragedy springs to Rock vally 5 milds.

Saturday, 22nd a party started to work the roads to the top of the hill and also a company to explore to a beter rought [route] threw the peaks[.] we all sperated [separated] and faild finding a rought.

Sunday 23 worked the road, I remaind in camp and found Gold in rock vally.

Monday, 24th we started early the roads was very bad[.] we arived on top of the hill at three oclock[.] we then descnded the hill[.] we broak 2 exels and tipt over 3 wagons[.] we did not get in camp til late[.] traveld but 8 milds[.] I was gard to nigh

Tuesday, 25th the day spent in mending the wagons and bringing them in to camp which was on a small bench haff the way down the hill a party went to work the roads down into the vally.

Wednesday, 26th we moved down the hill to lake vally the distance of 3 milds whare we in campt[.] for the we broak one exeltree and one or two wagon tungs which was mended that day. 10 men were sent to hunt a road in to the vally

Thursday, 27th we remaind in camp[.] a company of men worked the road to the top of the hill[.] several indians came into camp to day[.] pirenears returnd and reported apasable road in to the vally[.] the distance is 20 milds.

Friday, 28 Started early in the morning and traveld 4 mi And campt bilt a corell and worked the road over[,] the back bone in to hope vally[.] three or fore indians came in to camp to day they aperd verry frendly.

Saturday, 29 we started earley in the morning traveld 2 milds down the hill broak too exeltrees and one waggon and campt and repard wagons[.] to night I stood gard red lake camp

Sunday the 30 traveld 11 milds and campt in lake walls

Monday, 31 we remaind in camp to day and worked the road down the canion[.] the road is verry bad[.] we worked about [t]oo milds and returnd verry tird and verry hungry.

Tuesday, 1 day of august, we remaind in camp to day[.] a company of men went to finishe the road threw the canion in to the vally[.] pierneers returnd and reported the roads very bad could not finish it to day.

Wednesday, 2 another company of men started out to finish the road and we remaind in camp again to day[.] thare is aplenty of trout hear and mountain hares[.] we had a fine mes of trout to day[.] the men returnd[.] did not finish the road to day

Thursday, 3 another company of men went to finishe the road and fore men to explore the vally and to find a camping ground[.] we remaind in camp to day again[.] fourteen of our brethren on pack animels over took us today

Friday, 4 we started this morning to force our way threw the canion[,] the last wagns got in about nine oclock in the evening[.] we traveld about five milds and campt on the edge of the vally, one wagin was left about a mild back.

Saturday, 5 we [w]ent back and brought it up then started and traveld 12 milds and campt on the river

Sunday the 6 traveld 20 milds and crost another ford that came in on the right followd it down tenn milds and crost agane [again] and campt in abend of the river ware [- - -]

Monday, 7th this morning the indians stold my hors in company with three others[,] one mule and one ox[.] we folerd them five or six milds on the trale and found thare was about twenty in number without no wagions and returned[.] we then started and traveld 20 milds <campt> in coten wood vally

Tuesday, 8 crost the river and traveld 8 milds and made a halt[.] threw a mistake we halted at twelve oclock by a misunderstanding with the pilots[.] we campt for the night[.] hear i stood gard tonight.

Wednesday, 9 we crost the river back again and went threw a canion[.] the roads was tolerable good to day[.] we traveld about 15 milds and campt on the river in a bend.

Thursday, 10 the indians drove off one mule and two horses last night[.] we remaind in camt today and persued the indians[,] recoverd the mule and one hors[.] shot at one indian severall times[.] one of our company was wounded in the brest by an ar[r]ow.

Friday, 11 this morning we started at half past eight oclock and crost over alow ridge of hills to another bend in the river whare we found a plenty of good feed[.] the distance was 12 milds[.] tonight I am for gard

Saturday, 12 hear we left this river and crost over to the bend of trucky[.] thare we hit the old road at the distance of 25 milds

Sunday <the> 13 we remaind in camp to day and had preaching it being sunday to day[.] I stood gard tonight

Monday, 14 this morning we started verry early and went to the hot springs[,] the distance of 25 milds[.] hear we found know grass for our animils tonight[.] uncoved the springs there was more than twenty places that boild like a pot[.] a dog fell in and was scalded to deth instantly.

Tuesday, 15 we started last night at seven o'clock and got to thee sink of maris river at eight to day[.] hear we found water and grass[.] remaind in camp to day[.] the distance was 20 milds[,] hear we met the emagration.

Wednesday, 16 we started this morning and met the rest of the emagration and traveld 18 milds to day and campt again for the night[.] to night I am on gard again[.] hear we lost a cow by astrain [a stream]

Thursday, 17 we traveld to day very slow our catle was very tiard[.] we went fore teen [fourteen] milds and campt at the distance of 14 milds[.] hear we found running water and tolerable good feed.

Friday, 18 this morning we started at half past eight and traveld 11 milds and campt for the night[.] our cows and oxen are geting footsore and the feed is verry poor[.] the water is tolerable good. I am for gard to night[.] my helth is verry poor

Saturday, 19 this morning I went a hed in company with some others to find a camp ground road 16 milds found tolerable good grass and water and campt for the night

Sunday <the> 20 remaind in camp to day and rested our self and teams[.] last evening the indians took 20 horses

Monday, 21 this morning we started at eighht oclock and traveld one mild and crost the river[.] then traveld three milds further and crost it agane[.] then we crost the apint of the hil[l.] the river was a good distance off [.] we was late in camp to night[.] traveld 28 milds to day.

Tuesday, 22 our cattle dident have much chance to feed this morning[.] we traveld 12 milds and campt at one oclock and lade by the remainder part of the day to rest our animels and our selfs[.] we found agood camping ground to night

Wednesday, 23 we moved off the same as usial the roads was very good[.] we traveld the distance of 18 milds and campt at the forks of the river[.] thare was buteful gras for a camp. I am for gard.

Thursday, 24 we started at 8 oclock and <traveld> untill fore our distance was twe 18 milds up the river[.] we went the rem [rim] a canion and crost the river twice[.] the roads was verry good and good grass[.] we had a chicking py [pie] for breakfast to day.

Friday, 25 thare was several indians came in tto our camp this morning they apeard verry frendly[.] we moved of[f] the same as us[u]al[.] we traveld 16 milds to day and campt on the bank of the river[,] a plenty of good feed and water.

Saturday, 26 to day we met another company of emagrants[.] thare was one mormon from salt lake[.] our riter give a verry faverable report of the contry[.] we traveld 18 milds and crost the river once.

Sunday the 27 remaind in camp to day

Monday, <the 28> Last night thare was <on gard to night> there was and other company of packers that met us[.] they had been at salt lake giv a verry faverable report of the place and the inhabetace[.] we got a wabill of them to strike acrost to bare river[.] we traveld to day 23 milds and campt.

Tuesday, <the> 29 we moved off again the same as usial[.] the roads was good but rather dusty[.] we crost the river once and traveld 15 milds and campt for the night[.] the wether is verry fine at present.

Wednesday, <the> 30 Last night thare was a company of eagrants came in of thurty six waggons[.] the captain of the company was mr waker[.] we had to inquire about the rout and giv directions about ours. we crost the river once and traveld about 18 milds and campt.

Thursday, <the> 31 this morning we started rather late[,] the roads was good for about six or seven milds then we went threw a canion[,] crost the river three times[.] the road was rather rough[.] we traveld about 14 milds and campt for the night. I am on gard to night.

Friday, September the 1: 1848 Last night we campt at hastens cutoff[,] the river forked hear[.] we crost the river below the forks[.] the roads was <good> but very dusty and the wind blowd considerable hard[.] we traveld 18 milds and campt for the night[.] the feed is very good.

Saturday, <the> 2, this morning we started again the same as usal but it soon begun to snow and rain[.] we traveld about 10 milds and campt for the night[.] on gard to night.

Sunday the 3, this morning the mountains was coverd with snow[.] the morning was very pleasnt[.] the roads was good[.] we traveld 21

Monday, the 4, we remaind in camp to day[.] we campt in the best and the most beautiful vally that I have seen in the mountains[,] the land apears to be moist anouf to bring any kind of a crop with out rain[.] it don’t rain much hear[.] the grass is verry good and the land beautiful.

Tuesday, <the> 5, fine and plesant and a beautiful aspect aplenty of ntalope [antelope] and grous besides a plenty of trout in the river[.] we traveld to day 5 milds and campt again for the night in the same vally[.] the pinears [pioneers] went ahed to the road to bare river.

Wednesday, <the> 6 day of september today we started the same as usial and traveld 18 milds to day[.] the [road] was very good and we was in good sirets [spirits] and well rested[.] we campt again for the night. I am for gard to night.

Thursday, <the> 7 this morning we started on our jurney again[,] went the [through] a cannon [canyon] at crost the river nine times[.] we traveld 8 milds to day met the pilots and campt for the night at the hed of the river.

Friday, <the> 8 day to day hear we tride to tak chilses cutoff but made a total falier [failure.] we went to the top of the hill the distance of seven milds and campt at a spring for the night[.] the feed was rather poo[r]

Saturday, <the> 9 today we turnd round and went back to the old camp to take a fare start[.] hear we rested the rest of the day and campt for the night. I am on gard to night.

Sunday the 10 traveld 24 milds.

Monday, the 11 traveld 14 milds and campt at a beautiful spring with in fore milds of the <end of the> vally[.] Yesterday we left the waters of maries river[,] crost over in to hot spring vally the distance of eight milds[.] [at] sixteen milds[,] thare was water and a hot spring in the midle[.] hear campt and bathed at the forks whare acold stream came in

Tuesday, the 12 traveld five milds in the hot spring vally then crost over the hils to the sulfer springs[.] the road was rather rough[.] we traveld 18 milds to day and campt again for the night[.] I am on gard to night[.] the grass was not very good.

Wednesday, the 13 day of september 1848 this morning our old blew ox was gone[.] thare was fore men stopt to bring him up[.] captin thompson and myself road ahed to find a camping around for the night[.] we traveld 15 milds and an beautiful vally[,] good feed and water a plenty

Thursday, <the> 14 today I went ahed in company with sidn[e]y willes and captin thompson[.] we had a vary hard days ride[.] we roa [rode] about fifty milds to the casier[.] we went back to the camp rather late[.] we travld 14 milds today and campt at a beautiful spring, and very good grass.

Friday, <the> 15 we started very erly to day[.] we traveld ten milds on the old road we then struck off of the old road and traveld fore milds and struck the cosmy[.] we traveld about 16 milds today[.] to night I am ongard again.

Saturday, the 16 we traveld to day, 10 milds crost the river three tims [times.] hear we leav the river.

Sunday the seventeenth day traveld 12 milds today and campt at a beautiful spring, at the foot of the mountain.

Monday, the 18 we traveld today about 10 milds and campt at a beautiful spring at the foot of the mountain and a plenty of grass[.] hear we saw salt lake for the furst time at a distance of about twenty milds[.] thare was a plenty of seeder [cedar] hear.

Tuesday, <the> 19 day, today of september, 1848 we traveld today 16 milds and campt on the creek that is cald deep crick in a beautiful <vally> thare is plenty of grass and water hear to night[.] I am on gard to night.

Wednesday, <the> 20 we have traveld east and south east to day, too a spring in the mountains whare we campt for the night[.] after a march of about 18 milds[.] we campt at abeautiful spring and good grass aplenty of seeder wood .

Thursday, the 21 today[,] this morning we started again the same as usal[.] traveld over the hills to aspring whare we campt for the night[.] we traveld 12 milds to day and campt for the night.

Friday, <the> 22 we traveld too day 20 miles and campt on moody creek this was averry dark and ra[i]ny night and no wood of any acount[.] I am on gard to night.

Saturday, 23 we crost the cick [creek] and the river and traveld 6 milds and campt at aspring[.] thare was aplenty of feed and water and wood.

Sunday the 24 we traveld 18 milds today and campt.

Monday, the 25 we traveld to day 18 milds and campt at Captin Browns ranch[.] yesterday we traveld by several hot springs and several to day[.] this is abeautiful vally.

Tuesday, the 26 day to day of september in the year of our lord 1848[.] we remaind in camp to day to mend some waggons & brother ho[l]mes and brother thompson went to the sitty [city].

Wednesday, the 27 this morning we started again the same as usial past the river and traveld on to day[.] we traveld 16 milds and campt on hurd creek whare we campt for the night.

Thursday, the 6 day December We traveld to day 13 milds to the severe and campt for the night[.] not much wood and rather pour grass and rather cold and unplesant.

Friday, the 7 day to day We started to day the same as usal we got about a mild and met waker then we turnd round and campt and had a counsel and campt.

Saturday, the 8 day to day[,] this morning the thermometer stood at seven oclock at five degrees below zero[.] we traveld 9 milds to day and campt.