Transcript for Excerpt from Ove C. Oveson journal, 1860-1920

. . . (ther com Joseph Sharp & Patriark John Smith and I. and 21 more Danies [Danish] Emigrants was hired to Drove Oxsen [oxen] for 25 Dollar a Month. Drive Oxtime to Salt Lake City, lodet with Fright on an other Road) the Emigrants went nort to Wyoming and as timsters [teamsters] vend Sout[h] to Atchison, Rod 3 mils south of Atcison on a small Krick [creek] and herded Oxsen to the 12 of July 64[.] we fik the Oxsen to the Wagons & ther was 43 Wagon and 4 yol[k] of Oxsen to ich Wagon. Ther was One yok of Traned Oxsen for ich Wagon and 3 yok of Sters very Wild. Ich of os get over wagon and Oxsen 22 Danis[h] & 22 Englis[h] (12) & Wells (10) (non of os knoed which end of the Oxsen to put the Yok

the 15 of July A[ndrew] C[hristian] Nielson was hert but got allright.

the 23 maede we big Blue River and and then Croside we and com to Letle [Little] Blue filte Den for som time left then on to platt[e] River and the Road from Wieoming [Wyoming] the 2 of August 64, to this time noting verry bad[.] we Brok 2 Wagen tones [tongues] and 1 Axel no Oxsen Deed nor lost, we foloved Platt River to the 11 of August then crossed the River with 11 Wagons and maed the Kamp 13. This morning 4 Ogsen [oxen] lost[.] Sharp and [Claudius V.] Spenser [Spencer] went efter them but ditten fine Them.

The 14 vent 16 miles to Nort[h] Platt[e] fulte south side of that River which we riched,

on the 24 of Aug 64 we com to Fort Larami[e] we had crossed Nort Platt 3 times and 1 Oxsen Died and 6 Lost but we found that was Lost. We had some Trople [trouble] with Indians, the[y] burned a treen [train] of 11 wagons, Killed the Men drove of[f] the Mule[.] the vagons was stell Smoking when we Past there the nixt day. The Indians burned the Grass and other Mischife. 9 Man was leing with Pistol in hand when a Company ½ Day ahead of or Burried them. We kossed [crossed] Nort Platt the 3 time et tok os 2 Days that was the 3, 4 of and the 6 we left the River an com to Willo Spring

the 6 and on the 7 Sept 64 our Captan Sharp Di[ed] and Jens Sharp & A C Nielson vent ahad vith him and buriet him a[t] Svitwater [Sweetwater] 3 Crossing

the 8 we com to Svitwater, then 13 com Adam Sharp & a Tinker from Salt Lake City and vanted 4 Men to go with them to the Station for a tage Sharp op and plase him in a Metalic Cof[f]in and 3 men & myself vent and dok him op and plased him in a Mital Cofin and that was Soderet and he was sed in my Wagon and f[r]om ther to Veber [Weber] I had my bet [bed] on top of his Cofin, that Day we crossed Svitwater 4 times. That night nove (?)

14 at Noon ve camped with a little Krik [creek],

15, 16, Drow [drove] very Slow, oxen giv out to the 2 to the 20 that big crossing. Her[e] we seen menny butiful Senery tru the black hills in Hams fork, The Devels [Devil's] gate, Indepentent [Independence] Rock the Oxen Deid efter giting a half Plug of tobaker btwin 2 Sleises [slices] of Pork, it was to kill or Cure.

On the 22 roede ve Green River

23 of Sept 64 crosede we Gre[e]n river ther I led sik in the Vagon

the 27 past Fort Bucher.

the 29 Crosede we Bear River

the 2 Oct.. Campede we in Eko [Echo] Kunion [Canyon].

the 3 com past Weber City

the 5 Crosede we Weber River an Parley Kannon [Canyon]

the 6 in the Efternun [afternoon] to Salt Lake City. . . . On the Road we had et very most Hart Work[.] the company lost 200 Oxen and the Captain Deid and on Sout[h] pass was without food for nearly 3 days and coud not move, on account of the Oxen was to few & wore out, then there com 50 yok Oxen from Salt Lake and plenty of Flower an other food. I was Sick for 10 Days when we riched Salt Lake, was not able to Wark nor Drive the time the 15 M H Peterson, Hans Kraglund, Christin and Myself mad.