Transcript for Eyring, Henry, Reminiscences [ca. 1896], 27-28, 29

Father Wm Richey and myself fitted up jointly and on the 23d May 1860 left Springhill in the Creek Nation. Passing through Kansas and Nebraska, we finally reached Omaha in the latter State.

We found that a Company of Saints led by Captain Murphy was ahead of us a few days’ Journey and we resolved at once to hurry and overtake them. This we did, just as they were being ferried across Loupe [Loup] Fork. Our little wagon was very frail and the brethren of the Company thought that we certainly would not reach S. L. Valley with it. However it held together and instead of having to be helped in by the brethren we had the pleasure of giving rides to some of our weary old Sisters.

I enjoyed myself excellently while crossing the plains, walking nearly the whole distance and to me it was more like a pleasure trip, than a toilsome pilgrimage. I arrived in S. L City Aug. 29th 1860 and stopped at the house of Bro Jno [John] M. Moody. . . . In 1860 crossed the plains in Captain Murphys company. On my Journey across the plains I became acquainted with her [Mary Bommeli] on the plains and we had many pleasant and useful conversations with each other while walking to-gether in advance of the train.