Transcript for "First Emigrant Trains from the States," The Mountaineer, 8 June 1861, 142

FIRST EMIGRANT TRAINS FROM THE STATES.—During Thursday and yesterday, Maine street was enlivened with the passage of emigrants from the east en route for the Pacific States. During the two days three or four companies arrived, did their business, and moved westward. Among the gentlemen passing through, we learned the names of Messrs. Ephraim Noyes; John Cook, S. M. Hoover, McHesser, Eldred, Evans, Reed, and Simmons. The companies were composed of very respectable persons, of a rather upper class to the general crowd. They had only a very few ladies. They had nearly 200 horses and mules among them, and seemed very orderly and comfortable. They met the church train at the upper Platte bridge, on the 23d ult.