Transcript for "First Immigration Train," Deseret News, 30 August 1866, 309

FIRST IMMIGRATION TRAIN.—We had the pleasure of meeting Col. T[homas]. E. Ricks on Monday, he having come into the city in advance of his train of immigrants, which camped at Grass Creek on Sunday night. The Colonel was well and hearty, and truly glad to be "home" again. His train had a very capital trip from the Missouri. There were six deaths in the company on the journey, but those who died have been much worn down by sickness before starting to cross the plains. Br. Ricks started back on Monday afternoon to meet his train, which was hourly expected as we went to press.

The following are the names of those who died: Benjamin Meek, from Weston, Herefordshire, England; Susannah Cook, from Throckmorton, Worcestershire; Mary J. Cunnington, from Oakham, Rutlandshire; Sarah Jane, infant daughter of W[illiam]. L[eigh]. and M[argaret]. [Williams] Walters, from Llanelly, Wales; Hannah and Caroline, the one 6 years and the other 3 months old, daughters of [John] Ulrich and Hannah [Anna Elizabeth] Haderlie, from Zurich, Switzerland.