Transcript for "Autobiography of Laura Johanna Swendson Fowers," 1.

In the year 1866 we, in company with my Uncle, my Mother's brother and also my Grandmother, emigrated to America, Utah being our destination. I was then about nine years of age. We crossed the plains by ox teams. Because the company was too large it Was divided into two[.] My uncle's family were assigned to one and we to another, my grandmother traveled the remainder of the journey with our division.

My father [Morgan Swendsen] was ill throughout the journey. When almost to our destination he slipped while climbing into the wagon and was killed. The wagon ran over him. He was buried in Echo Canyon. My mother [Ane Laursen Nielson Swendsen] was weakened from the trials and hardships of the journey and having a baby only two weeks old. She died seven days after my father. She was buried on Big Mountain. I remember seeing my Mother wrapped in a sheet and lowered into the grave. Our grandmother [Anna Thomasdatter Nielsen] took care of us and brought us on to Salt Lake City. The company which my uncle was with was detained on account of cholera.

A few days after our arrival in Salt Lake City, our baby sister died and my grandmother cared for the four of us at the Tithing Office until our uncle arrived. . .