Transcript for Francis A. Brown Journal, 1867 September - 1868 September

Tuesday 25th I bought me two lamps and packed my things to be ready for the P.M. Express at 4,20[.] Bro Edward Shoebridge accompanied me and I bid Bro John Brown & D M Stuart and Omaha adieu.

Wednesday 26th I spent the night on the U.P.R.R. having a poor chance to sleep. We sped our way over the vast plains of Nebraska drawn by the Iron horse. Arived at Benton [Wyoming] in the night – 3 A.M. on the morning of the 27th

Thursday 27th I remained on the cars till day light when I found Bro A. C. Piper who invited me to breakfast with him. I got out to camp during the day and was consigned to Capt Mumford Company. A girl by the name of Miss Rose Taylor was taken from us by her sister who lives in Cheyenne[.] A great row was kicked up over this matter, till she consented to stay.

August 1868 Benton

 I went with Bro Piper and several of the Brethren before the judge of the court of Benton to have the case decided. The Girl foolishly consented to remain which ended the matter. The judge acted fairly in the case.

At prayers Captain Mumford organized by retaining Bro James Smith president or Capt of the saints as he had been all the way from Europe and appointed me Chaplain for the company, and Bro Samuel Southwick was appointed secretary.

We attended prayers and retired to rest.

Friday 28th. After prayers and breakfast I wrote Bro D.M. Stuart a letter and one to my dear home informing them of my progress on my journey home. Bro Pyper came over to camp and stayed all night[.] 5 were baptized and we attended confirmation in the evening at prayers. I spoke to the saints a few moments followed by Bro Pyper

August 1868 Camp <On North Platt[e] river> near Benton

Saturday 29th I assisted Bro Pyper to settle with the Brethren for their fare to Salt Lake city. Took dinner with Bro Medsten. Went to Benton in the afternoon with Bro Smith and others. Bought an overcoat for $5.00. I administered medicine to the sick of the camp. Weather was cold & we went to bed while the wind blowed disagreeably

Sunday 30th The Capt Bro Smith and others went into Benton. I held a meeting with the Saints in camp and had a good time talking to them. Bro [Henry] Barlow spoke a short time[.] We administered the ordinances of the Gospel to several of the sick by anointing them with holy Oil and laying our hands upon them for their recovery.

Monday 31st I helped Bro Pyper to settle with some of the Brethren for their passage. The day was warm by the night were quite cool. I caught a severe cold by sleeping in the open air. Bro Pyper to Benton.   

September 1868 Camp Mumford

Tuesday 1st We packed up and struck our tents and made a start homeward. I walked with many of the saints all day traveling about 15 miles over very bad road camping at the base of a mountain where we found excellent water and good feed for our animals[.] I went to bed very tired 

Wednesday 2nd  Bro J[ames]. Smith & I got a gun  a piece and set out on a hunt. About 11 A.M. we surprised a few deer. I killed one young doe, the first I ever shot in my life. We packed her to camp on our backs which made us very tired. We dressed our game and cooked a portion which rewarde us for all our labor. Gave a portion to several of the sick. I was called upon to adminster to many of the sick in camp. One Sister by the name of Mary Rollason 73 years of age died 1 Ocl[ock] P.M. with old age and the fatigue of the journey[.] We attended her burial and moved camp 3 miles

September 1868 Twin Lakes

Thursday 3rd We lay by for a team to return to Benton to get the luggage that was back belonging to the last Co. Several being sick with colds and mountain fever I was called upon to administer to them. I kept camp all day suffering much from the effect of a severe cold yet I would not give up, though I felt bad enough to go to bed myself. I called the camp togather for prayers and went to bed

Friday 4th  We moved on some 15 miles and camped on a small creek for the night[.] I walked all day besides taking a hunt with Bros Smith and [William Caroll] Penney. One man of our Co was missing when we got into camp. Bro Smith and I went back on the road 1½ miles and built fires as signals for the wanderer.

Saturday 5th Capt Mumford sent back his adjutant to look for the lost man[.] Bro Smith & I went among the mountains hunting and during the day killed a fine deer, & carried it on our shoulders to the camp on muddy creek, Adj [James] Rathall returned from his persuit for the lost man, not finding him but found he had taken the wrong road leading back to Rolling Springs.

September 1868 Mud Creek

Sunday 6th  Bro Smith & myself struck out hunting traveling all day but found nothing but 3 sage hens. The Co moved on to whiskey gap where we camp up with it in the evening very tired having my heel badly blistered. <I had a fair sig[h]t of the Devils gate from the mountains

Monday 7th The back team came up with the back luggage. Bro Smith & I got a ride with the team that went back belonging to Capt Holman’s Co. Took dinner with them and camped on Sweet water [Sweetwater] 12 miles below the three crossings

Tuesday 8th I drove team all day for the driver to assist to mend a wagon tongue that was broken out of one of the wagons. Camped 6 miles above 3 crossings on Sweet water. Some of the company got much frightened about Indians when there was no danger[.] Attended prayer and went to rest committing ourselves to the care of God.

September 1868 Sweet water River

Wednesday 9th I got a horse to ride of one of the night hearders (Wm Muse) [William Moyes] Bro Smith being similarly favored, we struck out a head of the train and tried to kill an antelope, but did not succeed. We dinnered with Capt Holeman and camped for the night on sage creek. Saw many antelope during the day


Thursday 10th I rode horse again today but had no luck in hunting. Nooned at Antelope springs, and camped at night where Rock creek empties into Sweet water.

Friday 11th I wrote a letter to President Young for Capt Mumford giving a synopsis of the Co and a list of all who compose it. Wrote also to [two] dispatches one to H.B. Clawson & one to Prest Young. Saw much game but got none. Crossed the South Pass and camped on Pacific Creek. Suffered much during the day from the cold bleak wind from the west.

Saturday 12th Passed a severe cold night. Ice froze 1 inch thick. the wind fell and the day was delightful. We made Little Sandy & camped on it for the night[.] Bro Duns [Daniel Henry Dunn] little girl died and we buried her before retiring to rest. Her disease was mountain fever

Sunday 13th Bro [William] Wade’s Son [Alfred] died during the night & we attend to his burial immediately after prayers and pursued our journey traveling near 20 miles and camped on Big Sandy for the night

September 1868 Little Sandy

Monday 14th We crossed and camped on Green River. I took supper with Bro Lewis Robinson, the first square meal for a long time. The young folks had a dance in the evening. I was busy till 11 O cl[ock]. administering to the sick in our camp and Bro Holmans.

Tuesday 15th We layed over for the Saints to wash up and change their clothes, I took a good wash and put on clean clothes. We had meeting in the afternoon and I addressed the saints upon their duties to one and an other and the necessity of living their religion. Reproved them for their grumbling and quarrelling with one an other. The spirit of God was with us and we all felt blessed togather. I was called in the other camp to administer to the sick

September Green River 1868

Wednesday 16th Bro Dunn remained with Bro Robison to give his wife rest and nurse her a few days where she could have quiet and <get> something for her comfort. We pursued our journey and reached the Hams Fork, where we camped for the night

Thursday,, 17th We passed on nooning on Blacks Fork and camped on the Muddy for the night

Friday, 18th While nooning sister [Mary] Passey breathed her last. She had been sick a long time and sunk under the fatigues of the journey. She had £; 5-00-00 in money & good clothing which I delivered into the hands of Capt Mumford. She had some presents for Bro [Niels] Lawsons wife which I took into my care to deliver when I got home. We camped at night on the Muddy near the stage road, The weather was very unpropitious, threatening a heavy rain. We attended the burial of Sister Passey while the earth was enwraped in shades of darkness. Met with Bishop Warren, who was solisiting help on the R Road

September 1868 Muddy

Saturday 19th We had a regular hail storm but we crossed quaken aspe ridge [Quaking Aspen Ridge] and camped on a little creek west.

Sunday 20th We traveled over a rough road <crossing Bear River> and camped for the night at Needle Rock

Monday 21st We nooned at the head of Echo Kanyon where Bro Snow and Nebiker [Nebeker] came to our camp and got some of the saints to stop and work on the R. Road on B. Youngs contract[.] We reached Hang-rock station & camped for the night. Bro Shilles team from Loss creek come for some friends they were expecting

Tuesday 22nd I got a chance to ride to the mouth of the Kanyon with Mrs Shills a head of the company. I met with Alvin West at Echo City, and took dinner with him. I left the train & put my things into one of Bishop Warrens wagons to go down Weber Kanyon. On our way down the river Bro Mc Knights came along with mules & wagon who invited me to ride with him as he was going to Ogden[.] I accepted his offer, changed my things into his wagon and we made Round valley where we camped with Bro Larson a Dane.   

September 1868 Weber Kanyon

Wednesday 23rd I called on Bro Mels but he had gone to the city. I talked with his wife and her father till noon, when Bro McKnight came along and we took dinner with them and persued our journey. I found my second son Charlie at Mountain Green but did not know him, he has grown so since I have been absent. He accompanied me home, and we passed through the Kanyon in the dark. We took supper with Bro Joseph A. Young and passed on reaching my own dear home a little after 12 O cl. at night – finding my family all well and very glad to see me. I was no less pleased to see them and greateful to God our heavenly Father for preserving our lives and permitting us to meet once more in health. The rest of the night was spent in chatting[.]