Transcript for Francis A. Hammond journals, 1856 February-1857 June

Apr—18th 1857—To day we left San Berardio [Bernardino] and commenced our journey for Utah—Bro B. loaned us a pair of mules and his little Wagon—Bros. Lyman and Rich also set out for the valley—they had some fifty men to escort them over to the Mohave [Mojave] River—

Mo—May 18th 1857—Cottonwood Springs. Santa Clara River—this morning at about 6 a.m. my wife gave birth to a fine little girl. she had a good time and travled all day with the Co. the Lord has greatly blest us in all things. We named the babe Mary Mozell [Moiselle]—we have had a long and tedious passage across the Deserts—I never was more weary of a land trip—The Indians have been kind to us—the feed and water we found good—17 Wagons composed our company—I came the old route with Br. Rich—part of the Co. went the Kingston road with with Bro. Lyman—that is the best road—Bro. Rich lost a little girl at the Mountain Meadows—

Tues. June 18th 1857—About 4 p.m. to day we arrived at Br. D. Brintons on Big Cotton Wood [Cottonwood]—We were most joyfuly received by our friends—O how thankful we feel to once more see the faces we love and again mingle in the society of the mountain Saints—Bro. D. Savage loaned us his mules and Wagon from Cedar City—May my Father who art in heaven reward him an hundred fold for his extreme kindness to me and mine[.] he was a friend in need

Bro. Bringhurst' family was uncomfortable in their large Wagon, having an Iron Thrasher in it so we gave up a little Wagon to them at Cedar City—I feel grateful to Bro. B. also for all his kindness to me[.] may the Lord reward him—