Transcript for Francis W. Gunnell autobiographical sketch, undated

We stopped at Council Bluffs for sometime getting ready to continue our journey across the dreary plains with ox teams. Here we became familiarly acquainted with Brother E[zra].T[aft]. Benson, in whose company we travelled across the plains. Wr [We] crossed the Missouri River on July 15, 1849.

We now proceeded on our journey to Salt Lake. We had a few stampedes on the road, one on Elk Horn, but no damages until we arrived at Willow Springs east of Sweetwater. Here we encountered a severe snow storm, freezing 17 head of cattle and one horse to death in one night. Snow fell nearly to the top of our wagon covers and we had to dig our way out.

We arrived at Salt Lake City on October 29. Several Brethren from the valley came to meet us with ox teams to help us in. President Young and several of the Brethren met us at the mouth of Emigration Canyon to welcome us in. There was much rejoicing too.