Transcript for Franklin Allen diary, 1846 July-1848 October

1847 July 8 Thursday Afine day[.] started early[.] very sandy roads[.] about noon we met some of the Pioneers going back to meet the first company then forded[.] left Sweet water[.] cross avery Sandy Prairie[.] no timber[,] some grese wood & sage[.] camp on sweetwater[.] 15 [miles]

9 Friday A cool morning[.] lots of snow to be seen[.] left the creek[.] crossed arolling Prairie[.] we are still rising[.] higher large Peaks all covered with Snow before us[.] some sand today[.] the roads are getting better[.] 23 [miles]

10 Saturday Started early[.] cross sweet water[.] went over a point of bluffs to the place where we cross it twice in short distance[.] went up the valley for several miles then left it & cross a large ridge of the mountain[.] the roads rocky[.] there's some fine sceneary to behold here[.] 19

July 11 Sunday Afine day[.] we rested today, & had preaching[.] Br A Lyman gave us a good discourse on the duties & obedience[.] some traders from Oregon[.] passed A Frenchmen came up from Fort Tacoma says the Brethern left Winter Quarters on the first of June

12 Monday A cold morning[.] crossed a rolling Prairie to a large branch of Sweet water hence asnow bank[.] afew miles farther another small branch went to the Main Branch of Sweet Water[.] crossed it[.] hence a large snow bank[.] went on a camp on Creek. 21

13 Tuesday Afine day[.] this day we crossed the top of the Rocky Mountain to the Green Springs[.] here the water runs to the Pacific Ocean for several days[.] on the right hand there is large peak covered with snow[.] 16

July 14 Wednesday Started early[.] crossed arolling Prairie to the forks of the Oregon & California roads[.] took the left hand road[.] went on to little Sandy[,] a handsome Stream[.] some willows[.] went across to Big Sandy & Camped. 20

Thursday A warm morning[.] cross the Creek[.] went over a poor sandy Prairie[.] very stony dusty & disgreeable traveling & Camped on Big Sandy[.] 20

16 Friday Late of Starting this morning[.] the Boys found a few guns in memory of the day that made the free or ended the year with Uncle Sam[.] came to Green River a large Rapid stream[.] we raised our Waggon Boxes & forded[.] it was deep[.] all got <over> safe[.] 12 [miles]

17 Saturday S[t]arted early[.] went down the river six miles[.] went on the Bluffs[.] cross abroken [.oo.] a stony prairie to Blacks fork[.] went [-] it five <5> miles & camp[.] 25

1847 July 18 Sunday Afine day[.] Late of Starting[.] cross Hams fork[.] went over to Blacks fork[.] more prairie gravel hard on the Cattles feet[.] [] & camp in the evening[.] Capt Brown gave us a lecture on discipline & driving Cattle & other matters[.] 15

19 Monday late of starting[.] in two a[nd] half miles cross the creek[.] bad roads turns round a bluff on the Left Came to a beautiful vale[.] Cross Seven Streams Clean & swift[.] Pass Frot [Fort] Bridger & is 3.97 miles from Frot [Fort] John in 417#176;.-19”.-13’. N. Latitude & 6.6.65 feet above the level of the sea[.] 17

20 Tuesday Late of starting[.] cross the vale & up along hill[.] pass over to asmall stream[.] go up along hill & across a sage Prairie[.] went down asteep hill[.] cross Muddy & camp[.] 13 [miles]

21 Wednesday went up the hill across sage flat[,] down hill into avale[.] past on a mile[.] raise steep hill 3.00 feet higher than the pass[.] across hill to acreek & camped near a Cold Shiny[.] 13

1847 July 22 Thursday went down creek cross over to Bear River a handsome little stream[.] took over the Bridge[,] hence fine land[.] cross some hill[.] good grass & camped[.] 16

23 Friday A fine morning down a handsome vale[.] some land good. The Canion gets very narrow[.] road bad & stony[.] one Lieut. [William Wesley] Willis Waggon upset[.] broke front of the box[.] Camped[.] 16

24 Saturday late of starting[.] the cattle hard to find[.] went down the Canion to Weber River[.] the road bad[.] went down the river[.] 9

25 Sunday A fine day & rested in the afternoon[.] Elder A. Lyman gave us a discourse on the principle of self-government & other things.

26 Monday went down the River two miles[,] crossed it & went up the Canion[.] cross the Mountain & down a small branch[.] cross to Canaion Creek & camped[.] 14

1847 July 27 Tuesday started early[.] went up Kenion Creek. Six miles to steep a Canion for five miles to the top of the Mountain[,] down steep hill & then down asmall & camped[.] 17

28 Wednesday lay by waiting for Capt Higgins & Co. Some of the boys came back from the Camp of Israel which is twelve miles ahead[.] Stoped & planting

29 Thursday went down the Canion & then cross the mountain to another Canion[.] went down it & met Prest. Young with some of the Twelve which was a glad sight to see them once more[.] came to the Salt Lake vally & camp[.] 12 [miles]