Transcript for "From the Plains," Deseret News, 10 August 1859, 184

From the Plains.

By letter from Captain Stevenson, dated at Wood River, July 11th, we learn that his company, which was organized on the 24th of June, consisting of 285 persons with 50 wagons, 87 yoke of oxen, 41 cows, 5 horses and 3 mules, were encamped at that place and were repairing their wagons, as the extreme hot weather had rendered it necessary to reset many of the tires. Near Prairie Creek, they met Mr. Stoddard and son, from this city, on their way to Michigan, and who reported they had met Beckwith's train at Chimney Rock, on the 26th of June; Redfield & Smith's train at Rattlesnake Creek; the Church train, so-called, 25 miles below that creek; Lemon's [Lemmon's] and Hand Cart train at Buffalo Creek. Neslin's company was a short distance ahead of Stevenson's, all getting along first rate. Elder [Thomas Brown Holmes] Stenhouse is with Stevenson's company.