Transcript for "From the Plains," Frontier Guardian, 21 August 1850, 2

From the Plains.

We have received two letters from the two last emigrating companies for the Valley. One from Bishop Hunter's company, another from Joseph Young's. Both letters were written at Fort Kearney. Out of the Bishop's company, 3 were seized with cholera, but only one died, and out of Joseph Young's, Ezra Bickford, from Bullock's Grove in this country, died since the mail came through.

We are glad to learn of the health and prosperity of these two companies, notwithstanding the false reports which were put in circulation at this place respecting the Bishop's company. We felt confident at the time, that they were not true, but now our faith is confirmed, and we leave the public to judge the truth of similar reports, which were put in circulation through the same channel.