Transcript for Frontier Guardian, 16 Dec. 1852, 2

With this number we begin to give a description of the different routes traveled by the emigrants on their way to California, Oregon and Utah, thinking this the best method of answering the numerous letters directed to us asking for information on these points and also to commence giving the correct information to our readers of the probable amount of facilities for supplying emigrants and settlers with such things as they may need, either for their journey across the Plains, or for their support and comfort while preparing to make for themselves homes in this country. The facts given are from highly reliable sources, and may be implicitly relied upon as correct. And we shall from time to time, endeavor to set before our readers such facts in respect to the different portions of this country, its climate, soil, products, and facilities for settlement, or accommodating those who may pass through here on their way Westward, as shall suggest themselves to us, or we be enabled to obtain from those whom we are satisfied possess the means of giving the correct state of facts as they exist. To all persons then wishing for information, we say, subscribe for the paper, and you will get all the information we can give you, and that, too, more fully than you would by letter.