Transcript for Frontier Guardian, 22 Jan. 1851, 2

KANESVILLE, January 13, 1850.

MR. EDITOR: I beg a corner in your paper to make a few suggestions. The continued emigration from here to the Mines and the Salt Lake has drained our county of cattle, that in the ensuing emigration even for the Mormon portion of it, that hundreds of families belonging to the above people cannot move from here unless speculators in cattle supply the market. Good work oxen now sell from $65 to $80 per yoke, and very scarce at that, and cows from $15 to $25. There is quite an anxiety to purchase now, but none to be had even at the above figures. In view then of the large Mormon emigration and the scarcity of cattle, would it not afford some men a handsome chance to make money by supplying the market. In order that that the true state of the matter may appear, I have gleaned from my travels through the county, and other reliable sources the probable number of cattle, now in possession of our farmers, of work cattle and spare ones on the ranges are 572; the majority of these being used on the farms. The number of wagons last year for Salt Lake, alone was 700, taking three yoke of oxen to a wagon, which would make 4200 head of oxen, to say nothing of the cows which was not less than two a family. Now from the most accurate estimate of the number that will leave this spring, we may say 1000 wagons, which will not require less that three yoke, to each, making 3000 yoke; there must then be a great deficit in the trains supply; and to this may be added the merchant which will fit up at this point. It will require several large droves of cattle which will find ready sale at the figure quoted in the first part of my letter. Hoping these ideas may be deemed of sufficient interest for an insertion in you wide spread paper. I have the honor to be yours, &c.,