Transcript for Gardiner, Jesse, "Sketch of the Life of Jesse Gardiner," [2]

The Shrewsbury Branch was noted for young men and young Women Zealous in the good work of God, it soon became a Conference with Joseph W Young from Salt Lake Presiding – I laboured for near 6 years faithfully in this conference & was its secretary when I left in 1854 – having saved means by the help of God I was enabled to emigrate in March 1854[.] (David James preceeded me in 1853) 3 months before I left I married one of the sisters by the name of Elizabeth Howells, a faithful sister in the church – We set Sail on the 12th of March 1854 and landed at new orleans on 3rd of May 1854 – We had severe storms in the Irish Channel tossed about for 8 days – We sailed on a Ship (American) called the John M Wood – 300 passingers I think – from new orleans to saint Louis on Steam Boat we had cholera many saints died – was qua[ra]nteened there for some days started again up Missouri river some 400 miles, had cholera again, many saints died, and also at Kansas our fitting out place – in Crossing the plains we lost 33 more. my Wife being one[.] she died at Sweet Water of untimely childbirth. I suffered much with bleeding feet on the journey – arrived Salt Lake Sept 30th 1854 nearly worn out