Transcript for George Laub reminiscences and journal, 1845 January-1857 April, 199-266

Travels from Kanesville to Great S.L. City

Now on the 29th of May 1852 We Crossed the Mis[s]ouri River in old winter Quarters[.] stayed there over Sunday & a company of six tenns of 60 wagons was organised for their Jurny for Salt Lake

on the 30th we traveled about six miles all well

Travel to Valley on the 31st[.] we met a group of Indians & pased a grave

June the 1 st we passed a nother group of Pauneas [Pawnee] Indians

Wensay 2 nd we crossed the Horn River this Night[.] there was an awfull thundr storm and terible Rein as thoe the earth was Shook to the center

on Thursday the 3 we struck the platt[e] River[.] here was a number of Indians

on Friday 4 we traveled a level Bottom in Sight of platt[e] River & camped at a Butifull I[s]land in the Bend of the river

On Saturday 5 we travel on a very level bottom and again here we crossed Shell Creek[.] here was quit[e] a number of Indians & again met us & followed us about 6 miles Tho Friendly[.] In the Morning of the 5 here ware 2 tenns Broke of[f] from the company Not conculting the Captin John Higby as he was the captain But on their own Response[.] Captain [Robert] Caldwell & the other captain Jos. Kelten [Kelting] & camped that Night in Sight of our company

Sunday 6th we stoped here over Sunday & we meeting also with the Broken of [f] Company and came to Terms[.] also captain John Pack was chosen a Sociate Council to captain Higby[.] Heare this morning there was Two Horses Stolen[.] one from Jacob Boom [Boone] & the other from Captain Farnesworth [Stephen Martindale Farnsworth] By 2 Indians

Monday 7th we started early from here[.] very level roads to loop fork Ferry about 86 miles from Winter Quarters. this is good camping place at feery[.] Wood grass &

Tuesday 8th we traveld on the south side of loop fork about 8 miles[.] Sandy Roads plenty grass & water[.] Tuesday met emigrants turning Back to the stats on account of sickness & Death

Wensday 9th we Started & traveled up Loop fork till Noon[.] goods grass & Watter & about twenty miles from thence[.] we traveld partly under a rang of Bluffs this day[.] passed 5 graves this Evening[.] we camped at foot of Bluff[.] plenty grass noe wood[.] the road led Between Bluffs & Loup fork. here is Butifull Land & here Br Fielding Lankford [Langford] drew from our company being disatisfied with the captains & company

Thursday 10th we Started & Traveled on to of the Bluffs[.] good grass & Watter noe wood[.] passed one grave[.] we Stoped at noon to grase our cattle[.] Still this High Lands continued[.] Here Bro Lankford fell in company[.] here also Two Indians travel Near the old Paunea [Pawnee] villig[.] Passe 3 graves Near the Pionears forde[.] here plenty grass Slew watter noe wood[.] camped here & our company Numbered 228 Two hundred & Twenty eight Souls this day & fifty one waggons[.] Wag run over one man & unharmed

Friday 11 we Traveled a West course in a sandy Road about 4 miles[.] Steered Direct South from here for some 5 miles & here is a hard road[.] throw Sandy Bluffs for about 50 fifty miles from Loop fork fery[.] Noe wood nor watter till we cam to prary [Prarie] creek[.] here is plenty watter no wood good grass[.] passed 7 graves this day

Saturday 12th Morning we crossed Pierarie [Prarie] creek & found two gravs on South Side[,] Br Calog & another[.] then we crossed a bottom to wood river 14 miles[.] then crossed here[.] plenty of grass good camping water & Wood here[.] we crossed & went 2 miles further[.] there camped on wood River

Sunday 13th We laid still & had preaching & Prayer in the Evening[.] all is well[.] Here we divided the company into Two

Monday 14th 1852 morning we started from wood river at sunrise[.] Br Higby [Higbee] at the heads & with 22 waggons & from thence we went about 12 miles[.] then came on the platt[e.] good grass all the way & water noe wood[.] now we here turned of[f] towards the platt[e] 1/2 mile[.] here is a good stream of pure crystel water about 8 miles after we struck the plat[te] river Southwest Direction

Tuesday 15th we traveled from where we Struck the platt[e] River about 8 miles then turned of[f] from the road 3/4 mile South[.] then we traveled on till we Struck the Slew & camped Slew South Side of the road[.] passed 13 graves this day[.] Mary Jane my wife taken with Simptems of Sickness

16th wensday traveled & crossed Deer Creek[.] here we traveled in Sight of the platt[te] this fore noon[.] noe watter nor wood[.] past 9 graves this day[.] Road very bad camped in the Pierary

17 Thursday we traveld part very mudy Road[.] passed 4 graves[.] I may probably not have seen half the graves. grass tolerable here[.] we passed the Expires from fort Laramie & of the Salt lake Boys agoing to the Stats[.] here we came to the platt[e] again[.] at noon good grass noe wood[.] Bufflow dung to cook our vituels[.] here was an I[s]and[.] had wood[.] campd on pierary[.] This is the Seccond day my wife is Sick Purging & puking & here the wagon run over a boys leg[.] nothing Serious

18 Friday here we Traveled Between the River & a range of sand Bluffs[.] passed a fiew slews[.] noe wood[.] camped on the pierary about 1 1/2 mile from the River[.] here my Wife was very poorly Laid, Six of the wagon expecting her Last dying Breth But we administred to her & here She requested to be Baptised[.] this we Done & She commenced to amend from that time

19 Saturday we traveled about 4 miles then came to the River[.] here we crossed the point of these Bluffs[.] very Sandy Roads for about 8 miles[.] hard for cattle to travel this[.] we traveled all day near the River & at the foot of these Bluffs here are many good camping places grass & water but noe wood[.] a large Swamp near the river[.] passed Two great cold Springs Discharge per 60 gallons perminit[.] here was many Callifornias [Californians] Camped on count of Sickness[.] Passed 17 graves this day[.] here was some Horible Sights that we passed[.] the Callifornia [California] emegration Sickness and the dying and the dead on the Right & on the Left now we passed through all of them very fiew Sick not to exced 12 & only 3 died all the way throu[.] out of 228 Souls only old women & 2 children[.] traveled 24 miles to day[.] my wife is Better

20 Sunday we lay on the Banks of the River plat[te.] let our cattle rest[.] good grass[.] noe wood Save the I[s]land here[.] we have preaching & every Sabbeth

21 Monday we traveled Between the River & the Bluffs all day. plenty water grass & noe wood Bufflow Dung[.] passed 6 graves this day & my wife is very unwell to day.

22 Tuesday morning[.] my wife is Better[.] this fore noon we croosed through about 3 miles very Sandy roads & for about 4 miles here we croosed Bluffs Creek. there we turnd from the River & turned into these Bluffs. Sand here is very heavy hauling for about 3 miles here[.] we went about 4 mile[.] then camped plenty grass &

23 Wensday we Started then about 3 miles east of goos[e] creek here we leave the River again and turn into the Sand hills[.] hard on teems. then crossed Bluff Spring creek then Duckweed creek. here is good watter & grass[.] noe wood[.] good camping & 15 miles hence we croosed Rattlesnake creek 2 1/2 mile from Duckweed creek[.] Sandy Bluffs again for a Short Distence then Struck the Bottom[.] good roads[.] plenty grass now on the opesit [opposite.] we crossed Rattlesnake creek & camped on opesit[.] passed 10 graves Ceder Bluffs

24 Thursday we traveld & croosed Small Spring creek Sandy Soil then crossed another creek[.] plenty watter camp cre[e]k[.] here are two 2 creeks about the Same Size But a few rods Distence[.] good watter[.] 363 3/4 mile from Winter Quarters[.] here we found creek 4 ft wide then wolf creek on the East of a very Sandy bluff[.] probably hevy wagons will have to double teems & after croosing this we crossed Wach creek[.] passed 11 graves here[.] we campd by the River

25 Friday we traveled in the Bottom & Passed the loone tree North Side of the River[.] 3 hundreds yds South Side of our Road also passed ash hollow[.] this taken its name By a grove of ash ocuping about 20 acres Sorounded by high bluffs & then crossd castle creek[.] 6 rods wide Swift current 2 ft deep[.] camped in pierary &

26 Saterday morning we Started and traveled up the River Banks & Bad road[.] Croosed castle Bluffs this day. traveled about 12 miles then Stoped at Noon for rest and passed 3 graves & doo our washing here[.] grass is good plenty[.] Buff Dung to make fire. this was 25 miles & noe creek

27 Sunday we rested had prayer & preaching as we had on every Sabeth

28 Monday here we crossed a good many Dry creeks & Sandy Bluffs[.] the road runs near the river from here to crab creek[.] two miles further you will See Some high bluffs on your right[.] By assending those you can See the chimney Rock towards the west[.] then went about 8 miles further[.] then turned to the river then camped

Tuesday 29th we Traveled in a bottom all day & crossed cobble Hills[.] after we decend on the low land we crossed Sand for about Ten miles & heavy Driveing & Bluffs runs North Side of the road & Resemble the Ruins of antient castles & fortification[.] But visiters must be cautious on account of many Rattle Snakes concealed in the Cliffs of Bluff[.] here we Join the River again & good place to camp[.] after this we crossed Several Small Sand Bluffs[.] sandy road[.] then camped about 2 mile from the River[.] poor grass

30 Wensday[.] after this the Land is generly very Soft for severl miles. here we passed the chimney Rock on the South Side of the river & we being on the North Side[.] Here we turned to the River for watter & grass at Noon[.] after noon traveld till Evening then Turned to the river & camped. good grass & watter. Noe wood within about 5 miles of from the Scotch Bluffs East of them[.] Road very good this Day

1 July Thursday 1 st Started this morning at 5 oclock[.] Traveled over a bottom road some sandy & came on to Spring Creek. here are many fish[.] watter cold & clear[.] Stoped here at noon[.] one grave[.] good grass[.] caled 9 miles from Scots[.] afternoon we traveled part of the time Sandy roads[.] there we crossd a small slew into a bottom aperently wet[.] Bad road in wet wether[.] good grass & River close by[.] here we camped. these last 3 days we passed but 5 graves per day this being 15

2 Friday morning Started from the river bank about 3 hundred yds South of the road & Traveled about 4 miles[.] then came to the river Bank again this 33 1/2 miles East of Fort Laramie[.] here is sand bluffs Sandy road & leave the river again for severl miles[.] good Bottom for grass wood on the River[.] pased Six graves till noon[.] here is a Branch about 200 yds South of the road, Here we recruited our Teems Because of the good grass here & we took the vote of the company to stop here till Monday because of the Scarcety of provinder on our further Jurney of the mountinious Road & 30 miles East of laramey [Laramie] we passed a company[.] they have the Smallpocks &

3 Saturday we washed & Done our Labour[.] this we established prayer Every Evening & morning & in the correll by calling together for prayer[.] this we Enjoyed ourselves &

4 Sunday We dedicated ourselves to god [God] & Planted Bowrey for Devotion to god [God] & hoisted a Flag in the center about forty feet high & there put an our Motto on[.] after Brother [John] Pack preached to the congregation concerning the percecution the Saints receved in Ohio & Missouri & Illinois & Priests at their head waving the Swords over him Damning him to Deny his Faith or the would kill him &&

5 Monday we made arrangements to Seperate into tens as soon as nessisary[.] Started with the Scotch company[.] This is the the place where the Creek is looyas[.] south of the road here is a good place to recruit cattle[.] Plenty wood[.] Sandy road[.] Turned to river to camp

6 Tuesday we Started & Traveled a very Sandy road[.] turned of[f] at noon to water[.] grass very poor[.] we are now Near Fort Laramie & Now this day we pass the fort[.] the road runs along the River, for about 8 miles west of the fort then we turned into the hills & passed seven 7 graves this day[.] here we turnd of[f] from the road about 1 1/2 miles For grass & watter & wood plenty to the river Bottom at an old trading Point on the Bank of the River[.] Rained Some this night

7th Wensday we Started from here & commenced traveling in Between the Black hills[.] here we find much Shifting round the hills[.] Some Steep places to goe down very dangerous for waggons[.] See many waggons Staved & passed 4 graves this fornoon[.] Locked both wheels at many places[.] roads good[.] plenty ceder & pine[.] Some watter & grass and grass very scarce[.] Traveled about 12 miles till noon[.] afternoon Started out and Soon came to a Steep hill[.] here we have to Duble teems. & now or very near all the way down hill till you come to River again 7 miles. here is tolerable good camping passed 10 graves. & this day high road. plenty wood &

8 Thursday morning we Started from the platt[e] River & traveled on a high Rolling Ridg[.] here is plenty grass & after we traveld about 6 miles There was one Desperate hill to goe Down[.] passed 8 graves this fornoon[.] Afternoon traveled about one mile then came to a Branch of watter[.] plenty wood[.] this is about 12 mile from where we left the Platt[e] River & Drove about 9 mile further[.] then turned about 1 miles of[f] from the road to the river[.] crossed 2 branches close together about 3 mile Distance[.] passed 5 graves after noon

9 Friday we traveled about 12 mile this fornoon[.] The most of this road is very good[.] no grass[.] came about 8 miles[.] then came to the turn of the road[.] to the South here is very Sandy road[.] for some 2 miles here is low Land[.] here is watter[.] crossed a dry ravene where there is some timber[.] South of the Road is watter about 40 rods down is a Spring[.] grass poor[.] passed 3 graves till noon & high roads for 8 miles[.] passed 1 stream of pure watter about oposid Larame [Laramie] peak[.] afternoon Traveled about 1/2 mile then came to a very Steep point[.] then in a nother mile came to the River again[.] here we traveled through Some rugged road Bluffs[.] traveled about 6 mile[.] then camped close to the river[.] poor grass[.] passed 4 graves

10 Saturday traveled about 5 mile in[.] then entred a larg Bottom in the bend of the river. here we turned down to the River & came to Bro. Higbys [Higbee] & Packs camped there[.] here we Stoped from about 9 oclock till Sunday

11 th morning Bro Higby & we held meeting at 10 oclock on Sunday P.M. [A.M.] Higby then 11 started in the afternoon on Sunday the 11th

12 Monday[.] in the morning our Tens Started[.] here we found a good Roads & grass for about 8 miles. then croosed a Dry creek & at the Entrence of this is Dificult to goe down[.] passed for about 1 mile Between high Cliffs & Bluffs[.] then we found Sandy Roads for about 4 mile[.] here we Struck the river again[.] grass very poor[.] pickly pairs hard on cattle[.] Afternoon we traveled in Sandy road about 2 mile then turned into the hills which continued for about 8 miles rise and decend[.] very dangerous places. very Steep traveled about 25 mile this day on account of getting grass for cattle then turned our cattle across the river[.] Now prickle pare Sage & old man is the production of the land[.] passed 7 graves this day

13 Tuesday we traveled a tolerable level road Sandy Some grass on the River & afternoon Started & traveled Sandy road[.] camped 1/2 mile from the River[.] poor grass[.] 5 graves & Sarah Buckwalter very sick this Day

14 Wensday we traveled about 14 miles fournoon Sandy roads[.] good traveling noe grass Sage & pickley pairs & old man general puduction & traveled about 6 mile to a grove of cottonwood[.] here is a good camp place[.] Stoped at noon & resett our Tyre of the wagon wheel[.] is here Sarah Buckwalter Thrown into fitts & Speech[.] left After noon[.] we traveled about 2 miles Sandy road[.] then asended Some high bluffs & decended to the river[.] plenty timber & good grass[.] this is about 7 miles above the first croosing here of the Platt[e] River & here we camped

15 Thursday we Stoped here on account of Sarah Buckwalter[.] She being Some better this day But yet censeless & Speech less[.] She having a high fever But the fitts left her by the administration of Laying on of hands

16 Friday morning we traveled about 10 miles[.] Sandy roads hard on teems mostly on platt[e] river Banks[.] noe grass[.] plenty wood & this day we passed one grave out of Orson Pratts company[.] here we nooned in a grove[.] passed Several Springs[.] the one is to the North of road & one to the South[.] came out of Side hill about 5 mile from the Lower crossing of platt[e.] the Streem does not cross the road of this Spring Sinks[.] Sarah Buckwalter Better health & Afternoon passes 2 gravs[.] very heavy Sandy roads nerely all day[.] travled about 15 miles this day to a nother large Bend in the river[.] then campt[.] good grass this day[.] passed Before came here & here

17 Saturday Started and traveld about 3 mile on Bottom Road then got into Sandy road for about 8 mile[.] But after leaving the bottom we turned from the river crossed Some very high Bluffs then came to Small patches of grass[.] Struck River again[.] passed 7 graves & noond in a large bottom[.] then turned and crossed Some hard Sand ridges 3 mile from the uper ferry[.] Sandy roads[.] noe grass[.] went about 2 mile then took the left hand road & went about 2 mile further[.] crossed the river for grass[.] Joseph Cotton was camped here

18 Sunday morning we Started & went about 10 mile up the river[.] here we Camped & turned our cattle over the river again[.] this is hilly road but good traveling[.] here we Stoped till the 19th then to cross the willow Spring[.] Here Fielding Lankfort [Langfort] & Bro Mortans [Moreton or Morton]Leavs us again under contentions with the company[.] also takes Bro Maxems [Charles Maxen] teem from him as it belonged to Lankfort[.] then turned & told Maxem if he wants goe along he might have the teem[.] maxem forced to these mesures to goe as we counciled him but maxem very unwilling[.] Lankfort told him he would do as he agreed but his cattle must goe with him[.] Now Lankfort done as much for maxem as any man could ask[.] who could ask more of a brother then to furnish him a teem[.] Here we killed a Bufflo

19 Monday here we leave the platt[e] River & struck across to the alkaly spring then to the willow Springs then the prospect hill[.] Some Rough roads this day[.] Stoped at the Next Spring 4 miles beyond willow Spri[ng.] here our cattle Strayed of[f] this night & hunted till next afternoon & found them about 12 miles South[.] passed 6 graves this day[.] good camping[.] Sage wood

20 Tuesday Lay Still hunting cattle[.] found them in 3 Squads[.] Brought back in the afternoon

21Wensday traveled to greecewould [greasewood] branch 5 mile from Springs on top of hill & turned down the from main road[.] then turned the cattle to grass & got our Breckfast Started at Sunrise[.] Passed 2 graves this forenoon[.] good roads[.] good camping places[.] afternoon traveled on this road till we came to Sweet watter, here was Some of the Brethren camped the came from Salt Lake to ferry the Sweetwatter at Independence Rock[.] good grass here &

22 Thursday this day we traveled from this point & at noon came to Independence Rock & here are Thousands of names on this Rock[.] this rock covers about 10 acres & is Some 5 hundred feet high & Traveled up Sweet watter[.] good roads[.] Plenty grass[.] Passed Devils gate[.] here Sweet watter River runs Between a cut through the rock of a mountain Some 300 feet perpended [perpendicular] & about 5 feet wide[.] pased John Terry at independence Rock at a trading post[.] Passed 3 graves to day

23 Friday Traveled up Sweet watter[.] plenty grass[.] Sandy road till we Struck the river again[.] here we had turnd from the river Some Distence[.] here the river runs Between two rocks again[.] these rock are from one mile wide to 3 & 5 mile long and from 4 to 5 hundred feet high[.] here the road comes Between to mountins & when we got through here is good camping places[.] passed 3 graves & here one man was murdred & the murdrer Executed at the Same time & date[.] Sarah Buckwalter now well again &


July 24 th 1852


This day we traveled from 1/2 to one mile from the River[.] this morning a company of horse teems from Nauvoo overtook us as we Started out at gravel hill[.] one was Hyrum Kimble & from thence we traveled up the Bottom & at the End of narrow range of rocks we struck the Sweetwater again in about 8 miles[.] In the afternoon we traveled a very Sandy road[.] heavy hauling[.] we went Some 4 miles & here Dry Creek where Some Bitter Cottonwood[.] then turned to the north down to Sweet watter[.] here the road leavs the river But we turn to the river about 2 miles from the road[.] here is chois grass & passed 1 grave this day

25 Sunday this day we Lay Still & had prayers & preaching al day[.] very warm this day

26 Monday continued in the same place[.] Set tyre all that needed & Fixed our Waggons

27 Tuesday morning prepared to Start on our jurney again[.] traveld about 5 mile[.] here we crossed Sweet watter 3 times[.] here is very bad roads[.] I brook my hind exle on Both hind wheels[.] then came about 10 miles further & campt[.] this is the uper croosing[.] 2 graves passed

28 Wensday we hunted till noon[.] we found Some 8 head of our cattle which went Back about 10 miles then Started & came to the Ice Springs[.] pased 4 graves to day

29 Thursday morning started at the break of day & traveled about 7 miles then got breckfast[.] good grass & then Sandy road[.] here we came to Sweet watter[.] this is 18 miles[.] here we leave Sweet watter & after this 18 mile then we cross the river then assend A hill 1/4 mile to sumit at it[.] then went down and crossed it 2 times more[.] then caught up to Br Boam [Boone.] Stoped & camped here & passed 10 gravs this day[.] Now these gravs are nearly all callifornia [California] gentiles Seeking for gold

30 Friday morning we Started from the fording of Sweet watter[.] traveld Some 5 mile along the river then we then Leave the river & assend the Base of Rockey ridg[.] this ridg is 3 or 4 miles across[.] dangerous for wagons[.] hard on cattles feet[.] But after we came up about 4 hundred yds there is a road turns to the right 2 miles further[.] is Said to be to Shun the Rocks Crossing this ridg[.] you will find good feed & spring watter all the way[.] then cross Strawberry creek about 1 mile[.] then camp[.] here are many groves South Side of road[.] good camp[.] passed 5 gravs this day

31 Saturday morning we Started from here & traveled about 12 miles till we came to a Branch of Sweetwater[.] this day we crossed one Branch then we Stoped & camped for Sunday[.] good camping place[.] grass & watter[.] passed 2 graves this day


August 1st 1852


Sunday this day we had preaching & prayer Lead by Br. Boam as he joined our Ten

2 monday we Started & soon crossed the Sweet watter then left the river at noe good distence to the north of the road[.] good roads at noon[.] we turned our cattle on its Banks to grasse about 6 miles from the crossing[.] Passed 5 graves this forenoon & afternoon[.] level roads[.] passed 5 graves[.] roads good[.] noe grass till we come to the pecifick [Pacific] Springs[.] here we was overtaken[.] Elder Wallace passed us this day down Some 4 mile[.] good grass[.] new road or rout

3 Tuesday morning Started from here this night[.] very cold and Snowed Some at pecifick [Pacific] Springs[.] Traveled about 9 mile crossed Brackish watter[.] noe grass[.] noe wood is Said for 22 miles [.] about 12 miles from the Pecifick [Pacific] Streem we Stoped to noon[.] passed 1 grave afternoon [.] good road all the way to Little Sandy[.] here good watter wood & grass

4 wensday morning we traveled a good road[.] 1 grave to the next creek[.] there camped for the next day[.] good grass & watter[.] noe wood of any account[.] 8 3/4 mile this day[.] came to then for Big Sandy

5 Thursday we Started[.] for Seventeen 17 mile Pierary till big Sandy[.] this is tolerable Rocky road[.] noe watter[.] noe wood[.] rough & Sandy Rocky & hilley[.] Stoped at Big Sandy[.] this streem is about 4 rods wide & 2 feet Deep[.] good grass

6 Friday morning we Started from Big Sandy & traveld a considerable Level road some gravel & coble Rock till we came to green river 10 miles from Big Sandy[.] drove down the river to the fording About 5 mile from the ferry[.] here is plenty grass & wood watter[.] here we Blocked up our wagon Bodys with Blocks on the bolster to keep the watter from runing in them[.] crossed[.] good croosing here[.] Jacob Hutchison & miner Atwood left us for the valley as the[y] had met us on Sandy[.] came over the River then camped

7 Saturday we left green river & came about 5 miles along green river then turned a South west Direction[.] here is a long gravel hill But good road Pinear road & ford here on the river[.] passed grave to day[.] this is 16 mile across[.] noe wattter[.] noe grass[.] afternoon we traveld on the assend of the road for about 7 mile[.] about one half of this road is coble Rock[.] after this raise ground was passed then Entred a Large Bottom very Dusty Road But good travel till we arrived at Blacks fork[.] feed scarce[.] plenty of wood & watter[.] passed 1 grave this afternoon

8 Sunday we Stayed at Blacks fork[.] here Br Hutchison & atwood came to us again and took Supper & breckfast with me[.] after we had preaching & there was a Shower of rein & hale came up & Scattred & Broke the meeting[.] Mr Hartman of the horse company a callafornia [California] company campt with us[.] Br. Boam [Boone] preach the first Principles of the Doctrine of the gosple.

9 Monday morning Captain Hartman after looking around found 2 of his best horses Stolen & Some provision & Saddle & one pair hoalster pistles & company very trechrous to him[.] threatened his life[.] this day we crossed Black fork about 4 rods Wide 2 feet deep[.] good roads[.] Save fiew coble rock[.] passed 1 grave[.] Stoped on pierary & noond[.] noe watter[.] good grass on the Bottom[.] good camping place here[.] plenty wood[.] afternoon we traveld South west Direction[.] good roads[.] passed a bluff[.] the base about 2 acres & Between 2 & 3 hundred feet high with curiosities as though it was carved & carvings all round it & peeking towrs Save the center one appeard as a doom & about 2 miles above the crossing of fork[.] here we camped[.] good grass & wood[.] streem about 3 rods wide[.] passed one grave

10 Tuesday croosed <Blandes> Ham fork 2 times in two mile[.] good road[.] plenty grass & wood[.] good camping here[.] Hartman Company made application to join our company & joind to travel to the valley[.] gave his company in our charg & he himself Started for the valley

11 Wensday we Started from a cleer streem of Watter 2 rods wide[.] plenty grass & Wood[.] about 8 mile East of Bridger we started and traveld to Bridger fort[.] very rough road[.] Rockey cobble hard on cattle feet[.] here at the fort we camped Wensday night[.] Indians came to the camp[.] the[y] are friendly & pecable[.] the fort is made of logs Duabd with mud[.] it is called Bridger Because the traders name is this

12 Thursday we Soon came to assending ground[.] this rise continues for 4 mile[.] very rough roads noe grass, croosed one Streem at noon[.] passed one grave. Rough roads this day cobble Rock[.] about in twelve mile we decended a very steep hill dangerous for waggons then croosed a small Streem & after about 2 miles came to a nother Streem[.] camped for this day[.] wood plenty grass

13 Friday morning travld a gradual assend with very little decend for 10 miles[.] road very good[.] passed 1 grave[.] also passed the Soda Springs[.] here nooned[.] grass & watter[.] Afternoon East foot of a high hill[.] came Between Some dangerous rock[.] Narrow & Some Decending then commenced winding round a very deep valley[.] Here is plenty of quaking asp[.] then went up grade Some 1/2 mile to the Sumit of the highest peek[.] is Said to be 7.700 Seven thousand Seven hundred feet above the level of the Sea[[.] now about halfway down was a very cold Spring[.] now we goe down grade till we came to the For Springs[.] after this there is a very Steep hill to asend[.] here we double teems[.] then the decend is Steper then the decend[.] This is at base river[.] here camped[.] plenty wood & grass

14 Saturday Started from Bare [Bear] River[.] here we raised to a considerable hill & after Decending the west of this we goe into a large valley[.] here is good grass & watter for about 6 mile But noe wood[.] good camping[.] about 4 miles down this valley is a Splended Spring on the left of the road Emediatly after crossing a Small Bluffs[.] the Spring is about 3 rod of[f] from the road[.] after noon contined down Streem till we came to a narrow pass[.] here the Rocks are very high & perpendiculer[.] this valley are high ridges on both Sids[.] after passing by these Rock & Ridges we came to a nother valley Entred. this we crossed a nother Brook & then camped for Sunday[.] Splended grass & Watter & Some Willows[.] passed 1 grave

15 Sunday we Stayed at Yellow creek[.] good camping[.] plenty grass

16 Monday Started from Yellow creek assended a very Steep hill for about 1 mile[.] then we decended down a canion for Several miles till we came oposit the cave in the Rock[.] here we Nooned[.] good grass watter[.] noe wood[.] 18 miles from Bare [Bear] River[.] 6 miles fromYellow creek & here we met Some teems to help those that are needy[.] traveled Down Streem & mountains on Each Side of Canion[.] very high & here is Ec[h]o Canion [Canyon] & here are a company of Snake Indiens camped[.] But we passed them unmolestd then camped about 1 mile west of this place

17 Tuesday we Started down the canion again[.] we crossed the Streem[.] this we crossed 13 times down this canion[.] mountains of an Emenced hith on both Sides[.] now End of canion here we turn North Direction Some distence then camped[.] passed 1 grave[.] passed in Between Bluff & Rock Some 1000 ft perpendicular[.] good grass[.] plenty water & wood here[.] David Candland & Br Church stayed all night with us

18 Wensday we Started & croosed the river we ben then wounds Round the Bluffs & crossed a high Ridg & then Struck on another Canion[.] Bad roads very Rocky & Sidling with Steep pitches[.] dangerous for wagons to oversett & Jam to peaces[.] afternoon meny croosings of the branch[.] meny chucks[.] Bad roads winding round in narrow places[.] camped & turned our cattle on the high Bench good grass &&

19 Thursday we Started from here and traveled about 6 mile to the foot of the mountain this fournoon[.] we had awfull rough roads winds & Steep chucks and muds & Afternoon we commend going up the 4 mile till here we Entred a canion [canyon.] very rough Stoney & Rocky & Sidlen till near the Sumit then a very hard Steep rise when we are on the tope[.] then there is about 3 mile down hill[.] very Steep & down at the Base here we Camped good grass &

20 Friday we Started and traveled Some 5 mile[.] good roads[.] then croosed the little mountain[.] here we have one mile to double teems[.] very Steep[.] then come down to the Base into the canion called Emigration Canion [Canyon.] there nooned & afternoon we continued our jurney down the canion till in the valley[.] here we turned, I and Br Baum [Boam] to the left of the canion to the Base of the mountain[.] here is a good spring[[.] plenty grass[.] here we have full view of the City of S. Lake[.] now come the end of Jurney[.] passed 230 graves on our Jurney