Transcript for George M. Gaisford diary, 1857-1861, 16-21

Sisteres to my wife landed in phila [Philadelphia] by the ship Tonwanda
Brothers[.] Edwin Watkins[,] Geo Blood ware ordained Elders during my Prisidency

Trenton June 10th 1861 I George M[atthew] Gaisford with my wife Eliza [Watkins Gaisford] and three children Sarah Jane & Jemmia [Jemima] & Harrison Edwin and my Sister inlaw Corline [Caroline] Watkins left Trenton State New Jersey for the great Salt Lake City

June 11 I will State that we ware kindley treated at Bro Wilkson on the 10 & 11[.] this day we paid our fare &c to florance [Florence.] we left phila at ½ past 6 oclock by the car[.] about the middle of the night half the train came un hucked[.] left behind about 1 mile[.] no one hurt[.] We traviled on[,] stoping at the Stations &c till 16th[.] in the after noon the Steam pipe of the Engine busted

on 18th a babey died[.] I paid $100 for diging its grave. Name Wm. Jas. Waterman. at Brokfield Station Lin county after 10 days & Nights travil in the cars[,] we arrived in Saint Joseph thence by Steamer 2½ days to florance[.] Arived all Safe[.] Staid in florance till firist of July[.] made things ready to start for the Plains in partenters with Bro. Brusten[.] Bought the cattle[.] paid 60 $ 00 [sic]

July 2 put things in the wagon[.] made ready for starting &c &c

July 3 Whent on the camp ground[.] while on the road to camp broke the tunge of the waggon cost $3 25

Ju. 5&6 Still in camp

7 Sunday Bro Snow of the 12 Apostles came organized our company with Trid Read [Reid] Captin of the camp with captins of 10 &c[.] good instructions given &c

8 Munday Morning we started on our Jurney home[.] we traviled on all Right

til the 14th when two waggons came up with a dead Sister[.] myself and some others buried her

15 This Morning one Sister Palmer taken sick[.] train moved on A Bro & Sister Read staid with the sick cofined[.] soon came in camp at Night

16th This day our Chaplin appointed teachers over 10 <tens> my self as one we traided

23 Safe till 23 when a Bro got [h]is axletree broken

26 This day Bro. Janes Spencer & Gates came up[,] Spent the evening &c

29 Munday traviled over Sands[.] hard road[.] Whent on till 31[.] this day my partenter Bro Bruster would go no further[.] roades been bad[,] load heavy &c[.] Say the best of him[.] he ware a mean man to travel with[.] I spoke to our cap[.] I then whent in with one Sister Lucey P. Milles

Aug 4th We trailed on the 4th Aug Sunday this day[.] for the good of the company it divided[.] Bro Wolley took 28 waggons leaving 20[.] I will here say that better men for captins then Bro Read & Wolley never crossed the plains[.] I belive that all the camp with few exceptions will speak the same

6th This Morning my whife ware confined with a fine boy[.] Geo. Mathew Watkins Gaisford[,] sick but a short time[.] traviled on wile getting on good[.] arrived at deer creek took in flour &c &c

Wensday this day the Soulders passed and coming from the valey about this time the cattle begin to die

25 Sunday this day we passed the devil's gate[.] traviled all right till the 31[.] during the last few days 12 oxen & cows died

Sept 1st September traviled all night with little truble[.] oxen & cows died on the 17th of this Month[.] we arrived safe in Great Salt Lake City camping ground