Transcript for George Mayer reminiscences and diary, 1853 January-1896 April, 239-49

After we Landit [landed] and got our wagon put together we moved 9 miles out to Mormon Grove and arengd our tents. the colery [cholera] Came in the Camp and 22 Dide [died] in a few days. Brother [George Bell] and Sister [Elizabeth] Bell ware taken. I tended to them. he was first taken wile I was Rubing his hands and legs. She fainted and fel into my arms. and Dide in a few days. I was taken the next day and in 2 ouers [hours] & was Spechle [speechless] and I had giving up hope of Ever giting well for they ware dieing on all Sid[e]s. and Broth[er] Bell Dide[.] I Sende for Bro [William] Pitt and tolde him to Se[e] to my things and ware [where] he would find my clothing. The Brothern [William] Glover and Pitt Don[e] wot [what] the[y] Co[u]ld for me & I begin to mend. The Lorde had Sumthing more fore me to Dow [do]. I begen to Mend and Brother [Richard] Balentine [Ballantyne] Came to Me to lede the 8 Company. I told him I was wiling to Dow all I Cold to Bild up the Kingdom of god and I wold try Beleving that the Lord wold make me able to do it. I got My wagons Redy and tents and oxen. they gave me ten wagons[,] one Yoke of ox[e]n to E[a]ch wagon and 2 Wile [wild] yoke of yo[u]ng Sters and Cows to Ech Wagon. the[y] ware the wildest Catel that I Ever sene. We here to Brake them by druges [dragging] Logs around the Camp. On the 24th we moved the Camp out a shorte destens [distance] to fresh feede and to try our te[a]ms and te[a]msters, for the temsters, ware as Wild and ignernt [ignorant] of oxen and how to yoke catel [cattle] as the oxen ware and I found I had My hands fool [full]. there Came Severl Brothern from Salt Lake Citty, who were Sent on Mishen [mission] to England, John Scot, and J. Kaye, John Smith and Severl others. They made our h[e]arts fele [feel] glade to se[e] them and to here [hear] from the Val[le]y. Brothers Mcgaw and Milo Anders [Andrus] gave them a fe[a]st with the Returning Mishiners [missionaries] and we had a good time.

On the 2 of July we left for Salt Lake City and we had hevy Lo[a]ds. We had 700 [pounds] of flouer [flour] and 200 corn mele [meal] and 1100 of Bagirth [sic] besid[es] Spokes and Axetrees [axeltrees] and things and kooking [cooking] Eutenshils [utensils] and 11 persons to Ech wagon. And we had our hands ful to git a Lond [along] with the hevy Lo[a]ds and the Orkerd [awkward] te[a]msters and the wild and weake? te[a]ms.

I will give the Names of My Ten below:

1. George Mayer
2. Martin [Mark] Fletcher
3. Mary [Cook] Fletcher
4. Samuel Kook [Cook]
5. Kasper [Casper] Bryner
6. [Anna] Barbara Bryner
7. John Motes [Mottease]
8. John Picket[t]
9. Roeste [Mary Rosetta] Picket[t]
10. Elisabeth [Elizabeth] Wight
11. Dick [Richard] Wight

Second Ten
1. John Hug
2. Jacob Hug
3. Daved [David] Hug
4. Rudolf Hug
5. Regala [Regula] Hug[,] Mother
6. Regala [Regula] Hug[,] D[aughter]
7. Verena Fisher
8. Ann Benz
9. Carlina [Caroline] Abderholder
10. Catherine [Catharine] Werly
11. Anna Hug

Third Ten
1. James T[imbrell] Worlton
2. Elizabeth [Bourne] Worlton
3. Ema [Emma Ann] Worlton
4. John Worlton
5. Martha Worlton
6. Florya [Flora] Worlton
7. Em[i]ly [Amelia] Worlton
8. Mary Greene
9. Mikel [Michael] Sa[u]nders
10. Jacob Hinderman son

Forth Ten
1. Samuel Marton [Martin]
2. John Marton [Martin]
3. Elener [Ellen] Marton [Martin]
4. Faney [Fanny] Marton [Martin]
5. Issebella [Priscilla] Marton [Martin]
6. [Lorenzo] Marton [Martin]
7. Sara[h] Wickel [or Wickle]
8. Sara[h] Wickel [or Wickle]
9. Charles Forde [Ford]
10. Joseph Race
11. William Vest

Fifth Ten
1. Joseph [Brigham] Race
2. Isabel[l]a [Vest] Race
3. Isabel[l]a Race
4. Bathalemeu [Bartholomew] Race
5. John Vest
6. Elizabeth [Parnby] Vest
7. Joseph Vest
8. Margret [Ann] Vest
9. Hirem [Hyrum] Vest
10. Mary E[lizabeth] Vest

6 Ten
1. James Roberson [Robson] S[r.]
2. Mary [Innes] Roberson [Robson]
3. Jam[e]s [Patterson] Roberson [Robson] J[r.]
4. Thomes [Thomas Andrew] Roberson [Robson]
5. Wil[l]iam [F.] Roberson [Robson]
6. Marton [Martin] Tesdel [Teasdale]
7. Reuth [Ruth] Tesdel [Teasdale]
8. William Kent
9. Jane [James] Daves [Davis]
10. George Neushaw [Neasham]
11. Jane Jeuston [Heuston]

7 Ten
1. George Simens [Simmons] Se.
2. Mary A[nn Ford] Simens [Simmons]
3. George [William] Simens [Simmons] Ju.
4. Mary [Ann] Simmons
5. Samuel Lenfeild [Langfield]
6. Rachel Lenfeild [Langfield]
7. Elisabeth [Elizabeth] Sa[u]nders
8. Jam[e]s Wall
9. Elisabeth [Elizabeth] Wall
10. Tomes [Thomas] Loyde [Lloyd]
11. Elizabeth Ber[r]y

8 Ten
1. Joseph [Flitcroft] Burch [Birch]
2. Dorothy [Chambers] Burch [Birch]
3. Ann[a] Burch [Birch]
4. Mary Burch [Birch]
5. Mary [Flitcroft] Burch [Birch][,] g. mot
6. Jam[e]s McCracken
7. Ann Bletin
8. Wil[l]iam Bishop
9. Mary Bishop
10. Elizabeth Bishop
11. Anna [Ann] Bolson

9 Ten
1. Tomes [Thomas] Thysum [Taysom]
2. Sister Thysum [Taysom]
3. Nathaniel Thysum [Taysom]
4. Maryan Thysum [Taysom]
5. Maryann Mears
6. George Boren [Bourne]

10 Ten
1. Joseph Westwood
2. Sister [Martha] Westwood
3. Jane Westwood
4. Mary [A.] Westwood
5. Sharlet [Charlotte Westwood]
6. [blank line]

I had to Ishew [issue] the Rashens [rations] to My Ten Every Saterday. 5 of flour and 2 Corn Meel[,] 100 Baken [bacon] 50 Shugr [sugar] 2 ounce Tee [tea], ½ half bar so[a]p[.] there was a grate Deele of Murm[ur]ing amonst [among] Sum that the[y] had not anuf [enough] to Ete [eat]. I had my hands full. Jam[e]s T[imbrell]. Worlton lost a yond [young] Stere [steer] throo his Neglect for not unyoke wen he was Caunceled and had to Bring them in the Corell [corral] and take the Yoke off wile the Catel ware drove out and the Stere [steer] Ran out of the other End of the Corel and went strate off and the[y] Cald [could] not turne him Back. and The nexd Morning We cald [could] not finde him.

On the 12 of July J[ames] T[imbrell] Worlton's Child [James Cyrus Worlton] Dide [died.] I had it beried [buried] the Same Evning[.] We campt on the Litel [Little] Sandy, a Butyful Small Streme [stream.] I also Lost My lede [lead] Cow. She had Eton [eaten] Papers of Nedels [needles] in old Cote [coat] packed and it Casd [caused] her De[a]th.

on the 24 of July, We Stop and Selebratd in Menery [memory] of the time the pione[e]rs first Enterd the grat [Great] Salt Lake Val[le]y. We had a good Din[n]er and Danst [danced] til 2 in the Morning. Capton [Captain] Balentine [Ballantyne] the Le[a]der of Our Company with [William] Glover the Capton of the g[u]ard, Capt Garner [Gardner] and Capton [William] Pitt, G[eorge] Mayer and [William] West [-] we led of[f] the Dans [dances] and Cep [kept] it up till 2 in the Morning.

One the 28 I had a fine presend [present] gave to Me. Brother [George] Simons Caught 2 large Snapen Thurtels [turtle] and gave me one[.] it wade [weighed] 36 pounds[.] I Devided the most of it amongst the Brothern[.] We had Some Very Bad Rode [road] throo [through] the Dry Sand and had to Dubel [double] hi[t]ch to get throo But the Lord helpt us by Sending a hevy Rane [rain] the Night and Seteld the sand, and made the Rode Much beter.

On Wensday Evning Sister [Isabella Vest] Race met with a series [serious] Accedent [accidnet] by having hur Rite arm Shot throo [through] above the Elbow With a Dubel [double] bar[re]l Shot gun of hur husbend[.] he had bene out Shuting [shooting] and Brought his gun home Loded and Left the purcursthes [percussion] Cap on and She told the Child to hand the gun to hur in the tente and She Cate [caught] hold of the musel [muzzle] of the gun and Droud [dragged] the gun over the bed and the gun went off and [..iengeld] hur arm in a Shacke [shocking] Maner[.] Brother Balentin [Ballantyne] Intended to take hur to Lareme [Laramie] to git Sergent [surgeon] an[d] to have hur Arm taken off but She Dide [died] one [on] the Way. Nere Ast [Ash] pount [Point] the Hunters Ware Counceld over and a gine [again] to take the Caps of[f] there guns before the[y] Came in the Campe[.] there fore Bro [Joseph Brigham] Race was to Blame.

on th[e] Tenth of August 1855 Car[o]line Apdhalde [Abderholder] mete [met] with a Series [serious] actedend [accident] by faven [having] the wagon Roning [running] over hur. She had the heme of hur Dres Toren [torn] and it hung and Dragd on the ground and wen She went to git on the wagon, She Lookd in and sene that there was other in the wagon. She Sade [said] that She wo[ul]d wate a wile [awhile] Longe[r] and Stept Back and Stept on hur torn Dres and fel and the Wagon Rone [run] over hur Body (Caterin) [cutting] acros her grine [groin] and Brest. I Colde [called] One [on] the Docter.

He Sade [said] She was Dangerly [dangerously] hurt. I gave Derecthens [directions] to Mak her as Cumpeferbel [comfortable] as Sircumsans [circumstances] wold permit. I also went and Sene [Seen] Sister [Sarah] Wickel to Se[e] that She was atended tow and that She had Sumthing Nurishon [nourishing.] But She Dide in 8 days from the time she was Eencher [injured] and. we Berid [buried] hur 10 hundred yard West of a Trading post and 5 hundred frome the Rode a place Cold [Called] Ash poynt [Point] 18 miles E[a]st of Lareme [Laramie] on the 15 of Augist [August] 1855.

On Friday the 11 of augist [August] Elizabeth Sa[u]nders Died one Day's Drive West of Lareme [Laramie.] She was berid [buried] the Same Evning[.] Another series [serious] Achedend [accident] hapend[.] a young Man had a Shot gun in his hand and it went off and the lode Logde [lodged] in a Sisters Nee [knee.] We Left hur in Lareme [Laramie] in the Care of the Doctor. there Came about 500 Siaus [Sioux] Indians in our Camp W[h]en the gun went of[f] And the woomen Scremd[.] the Indens ware much scerd [scared] and Rode off and formed till the[y] New [knew] wot [what] had hapend[.] the[y] semd very Sor[r]y for the Sister but we herd that She Dide [died] in a few days. She belongd in Bro Gardners Company.

On the 23 of Aug We had a fine Dance after we Came to the plat[te] River[.] Bro Rastes [Erastus] Snow Came to us[.] he left the next Morning for gr[e]at Salt Lake Citty

the 28 I made 5 quarts of Bufflow [Buffalo] Ber[r]y Perserve[.] the[y] ware very fine[.] I toke them home to My famly for the Buflow bery a[i]nt in the Val[le]y[.] I made them at the vilow [Willow] Springs[.] the Bufflow Bery ware very plenty[.] I githerd [gathered] them by Spreding a Shete [sheet] under the Bushes and Nockd them ofe [off] with a Stick then poot [put] them in a basen of warter [water] and the Levs [leaves] and Dirte Came to the top and that was the way we Clende [cleaned] them[.] I Expect to have Some of them Many ye[a]rs.

On the 29 We Came to Indpendens [Independence] Rock[.] I went to the top and got a pese of the Rock and Rote My Name GEORGE MAYER on the Side nere [the] Rode. On the Fifth of September I had a Small Mul[e]y Stere [steer] fel De[a]d as we Drove him to the Cerele [corral.] he was in good Condishen and aperd well Wen we had unyoked him[.] there was only a he[a]d of Catel [cattle] Dide [died] in my Ten and 1 lost wich made 4 hed in all out of 90 hed

on the 5 Brother Birchs Childe [Mary] Dide and we Berid [buried] it on Wil[l]ow Creek by Severl other graves.

Sunday, Septem 16 1855 we came to forte Bri[d]ger and There we met with Severl Brethern going on Mishens [missions] Sneteger and Boly J. Scofel Ott, an[d] Severl others There ware 8 wagons

On the 24 of Septmber we Came over the Large mountin and Camt [camped] at the foot of the Last Mountain. The Bras[s] Band of Museck [Music] Came to acompony us into the Citty[.] We had a fine Dance that Night and the Next Morning we crost the Litle Mounton and Drove in to the Citty with our flags fllying[.] My Flade [flag] was a Behive on one Side and the Moto [motto] "The Bees Coming home" and on the ethe [other] Side a Spre[a]d egel [eagle] with "Truth and Liberty["]. The P[resident] Brigham and Kimlel [Kimball] and Grant Came to vised [visit] the Camp wen we ware Campt on the Union Square[.] Brigham Took Me by the hand[.] Sade [Said] to me you are welcom home agin and Semd Much plesd to Se[e] the Swiss Sa[i]nts]