Transcript for George Mayer reminiscences and diary, 1853 January-1896 April, 25-27

In the Fall the Pioners Returnd from the Salte Lake and tolde that they had "Founde the plase" for the Sa[i]nts, and gave order to organise Compeny to Startes the Next Spring with pevishen [provision] anuf [enough] to Last them one yere. My Sononlaw [son-in-law] Returned from the armey and tooke Charge of his wife. She had a fine Sone [son] nerly a yere olde, and wile he Wente to mete the Pinoers [Pioneers] the Dide. He was a fine Childe. I bered [buried] him, before his father had Reeturnd, in the Beringgrarend [burying ground] in winterquaters. I then wente to Brother Kimbel and tolde him my Sercumstanses [circumstances] and that I was not abel to Cary So much pervishens [provisions] with me, that I had there was 8 of a famly and I had only 2 yoke of Oxen and 8 Cows and that he Colde [could] have one yoke of my oxen and Colde Returne them to me in the fall. He Sade [said] that he didnot wonte my oxen But he wonted me to go to the waly [valley] and w[h]en he Counseld Enybody that he was Responsible for them, that I Shoulde go and git Redy. I tolde him, "there was anuf Sade," and I wente and god Blest me in Every thinge and I got a good oute-fite [outfit], I had a thousend wate [weight] of Superfine flouer and 50 pounds of good Sinde [side] Baken [bacon] 20 Coffy [coffee] and 20 Shogar [sugar] and other nesery [necesssities] and I wente In Brother Bishep Witnes [Newel K. Whitney's] Ten. I Drove the Large teme with the previshens with one yoke of oxen and 2 yoke of cows and Rachele Ann, my oldest Dauter She was 20 yers old, Drove the teme with One yoke of large oxen that the famly Rode in. She had Become a firstrate Temster, and Bery and Buck was ver[y] abedent [obedient] to hur [her] Comande[.] the[y] wos the best Catel that I Ever o[w]n[e]d before—and alves [always] wiling to poole [pull] all there [they] ware abel and they Colde not be bete [beat] for there inches. I Got to the Salte Lake valy without Eny [any] Los[s] of Catel or Eny [any] other Los[s.] God's Blesing was with me