Transcript for George W. Fawcett memories, Library of Congress collection of Mormon diaries, 1935-1938

{Page 7}

The year of 1868 I left St. George with D.D. McArthur, he being Captain of the train. The Company now traveled on to Salt Lake. This was a number of the St. George boys driving teams. Julia Snow and her young son Edward traveled up as far as Salt Lake City, stopping at Bishop Hunter's as she was a Sister to Bishop Hunter's wife. She stayed at her sister's while we made the trip across the Plains.

After leaving Salt Lake we traveled thru Parley's Park. We arrived at Echo Canyon, now called Coalville, crossing the Bear River. They were preparing for a railroad track. We traveled down thru Arms Park to Sandy, arriving at Green River, crossing the Green River stream on a ferry boat. Traveling down Sweet Water stream we came to the Platte River. We then pitched camp on the Platte River, five miles below Benton's City. Here is where we celebrated the Fourth of July, as our Company was very Patriotic.

The Captain decided to send the horse and mule teams down to Laramie city, 100 miles further, where we loaded emigrants, I, myself, having 15 passengers in my wagon. We now traveled back with the Horton Haight Company of emigrants, arriving back to Salt Lake all right.