Transcript for Gibson, William, Journals, 1841-1874, fd. 3, 194-95

May 1853. I left St Louis for Utah with the Saints from St Louis[.] D A Calder his mother & family & went by Steam Boat up the Mississipi river to Keo Kuk [Keokuk] opposit Nauvoo where from our Camp we could see the ruins of the Temple & from there started to cross the plains by the old mormon trail to Council Bluffs through Iowa[.] Elder Moses Clawson being Captain of the Company of 65 Waggons[.] he had crossed the plains & knew the stopping places for feed & water[.] on arriving at Council Bluffs we found the River too high to cross & had to stop some time till the water fell[.] we then Crossed the River & proceeded in our journey till we came to Loupe Fork where we had again to stop before we could cross the ferry

July 6 Our darling little daughter Catherine died to day of Scarlet fever also a grandson of Mother Calders[.] they were buried beside each other & a board placed over their grave which was standing some years after

we crossed the ferry & continued our journey & again crossed the River at Laramie & continued our journey through the Black hills

one day a herd of Buffaloes ran through in front of the train & took away all our loose stock with them but some of the boys followed on horseback & after a long Chase got them back[.] we had a number of Stampede when the Cattle were in the waggons but without much dammage & no one much hurt[.] Indians often came into our Camp but when they saw we were on the watch & will [well] armed they always left us in peace

Sept 15 Arrived at Salt Lake City then built up of Log houses & felt very glad to be at the end of our journey[.] after Camping a few days beside John Thorups house I took a Room in the first ward & moved my family into it