Transcript for Giles, Thomas Huskinson, Autobiographical sketch, 36, in Histories and biographies written by members of Camp Sunflower, Daughters of Utah Pioneers of Center Utah County, Provo, Utah, vol. 4

12 April 1856. We again started on our journey for Salt Lake City or Utah territory after a stay of one year and 11 months,[.] We took passage on the steam paxhed [sic] "YORK STATE" from Quincy to Burlington, Iowa a distance of 80 miles.

16 April 1856. We fitted up our wagons, purchased our necessities and commenced our journey by land.

18 April. Our cattle is pretty awkward, we traveled 8 or 10 miles and camped for the night.

23 May. We reached Council Bluff[s] and here we stayed until the 27th, then we started for the campgrounds where the saints wanted me to organize ready for crossing the plains. We stayed at camp until we had 64 wagons ready to go. We crossed the plains walking all the way with poor food, but many adventures and arrived in Great Salt Lake on 16 August 1856.