Transcript for Glen B. Miner and Caroline E. Miner, Facts and Fancies of the Glen Bryant Miner and Caroline Eyring Miner Family (1981), 5

She and her family left those scenes of persecution in June of 1850 for Salt Lake City, arriving there the following October. I was then a boy of twelve years, and not having much responsibility resting upon me while crossing the plains, it was more of a pleasure trip to me. I was greatly impressed with the vast herds of buffalo that then roamed over the prairies. So numerous were they that oftentimes they had to be driven away from the road to keep from interfering with the wagon train. Needless to say we had plenty of buffalo meat. Cholera broke out in the camp while on the plains, and I drove one man's team for two weeks as he was sick and could not drive it. I walked the greater part of that long journey barefoot, and drove loose stock most of the way and slept on the ground.