Transcript for Goodale, Isaac Newton, Journals, 1839-1863, vol. 1

...and started on the 9 for the Mountains and went 4 miles

on the 10 went to the Horn

the 11 crossed the Horn and stai<d> [stayed] there till the 19th

I left for the Platt[e.] staid their till

22 than left and went to Diman<Island>

the 23 went to<3 miles beyond> Shell Crick

the 24/went to/camped by a slew the 24 camped by the fishing slew

the 25 camped by the Loup fork

the 26 camped by the Be[a]ver Crick

the 27 was Sunday[.] crossed Be[a]ver crick/the[n]/and staid over night

the 28 Moved on to to the Mission<ary> Station and staid over night

the 29 crossed the river above the Pawnee and went 4 miles and <camped>

the 30 moved to the Loup fork

the 1 of July croossed [crossed] the Loup fork

the 2 camped on the Prairie about 10 miles fro<m> the Platt[e]

the 3 moved on to the Platt[e]

the 4 was Sunday[.] staid at the same place

the 5 staid on the Platt[e]

the 6 staid on the Platt[e.] Nearly at the head of Grand Island

the 7 staid at a slew

/b/8 staid at the Platt[e]

the 9 staid at the Platt[e]

the 11 was Sund<ay>

the 12 staid on the platt[e]

the 13 staid near the sand hol<e>

the 14 went 5 miles and kille[d] some Buffalo

the 15 went to/ camped allone [along] on the Platt[e]

the 16 went and camped on the North for<k> of the Platt[e]

the 17 camped on the no<rth>[.] Brother [George] Boies [Boyce] got married

f/rk [?] the 18 staid in the same place <a Sunday>

the 19 canped [camped] <in the same place>

on the 20 camped on th[e] platt[e]

the 21 camped by the sulfur <spring>

the 22 camped by the platt[.] and saw Some Indians

the 23 staid in the Same place <waiting for Grants company>

the 24 went on and camped by a <same> small crick

the 25 <[was sunday sta [staid]>

Monday the 26 camped

Sunday the 25 the Pioneers came up with us which was Sunday[.] we moved 4 miles

the 26 went 20 miles[.] saw a co of Indians

on the 27 camped on the Platt[e]

the 28 saw a company of Origon [Oregon] retu<urning> the company<e>s came up with us

the 29 camped near chimney Rock

the 30 camped on the Platt[e]

31 camp<ed> near red banch/Hook Bluff

the first of August camped at the same place

the 2 camped by a slew

the 3 camped on the platt[e.] plenty of wood

the 4 camped 6 miles from Ft Laramia [Laramie]

the 5 cross<d> over and went 4 miles up the river and camped

the 6 staid at the <same place>

the 7 moved up the river 10 miles

the 8 camped on <Cold spring> /Horse shoe crick

the 9 camp on fir crick/ <Horse Shoe Crick>

the 10 camped on a [Josela ?] River

the 11 camped on a small <crick>

the 12 camped on A la Pienre river

the 13 camped on River <Boises> Vaudy

the 24 camped at deer crick

the 15 camped at muddy crick

the 16 camped at the ford of the Platt[e.] staid thare [there] 17, 18

the 19 came 4 miles camp<ed> by a small pond

the 20 camped by a spring crick

the 21 camped by a crick

Sunday the 22 camped by Indipendance[Independence] Rock[.] had a dance on top of it

the 23 staid /at/ on Sweat wa<ter> [Sweet Water]

the 24 staid on Sweat Water [Sweet Water]

the 25 camped on Sweat Water

the 26 on Sweat Water

the 27 camped on Sweat water

the 28 camped on a branch of Sweat Water

the 30 camped on Sweat Water

the 31 staid at the same place

the 1 passed the deviding [dividing] ridge and camped 4 miles

the 2 camped at little sandy

the 3 camped on big Sandy the 4 also

the 5 camped on Green river

the 6 camped by a small crick[.] left the co.

the 7 camped by a <crick>

the 8 staid at a crick

the 9 staid at Bridgers

the 10 camped by a crick

the 11 camped in a valley by a spring

the 12 camped on Bear river

the 13 camped at the cave

the 14 camped on Echo crick

the 15 camped on Wever [Weber] River

the 16 camped on Canyon crick

the 17 also

the 18 camped on a small crick <willow spring> crick

the 19 we arrived at the vally of the great salt lake