Transcript for "Got in," Deseret News, 3 October 1866, 349

GOT IN.—J. D. Holladay's train of immigrants arrived on Tuesday, 25th inst., in good condition. They had a fine trip across the plains, so br. Holladay reports, and made very good time, having left the Missouri on the 19th of July. There were 8 deaths in the company during the journey, the last one of whom died the night before reaching the city, and was interred after the arrival of the company. We saw Bishop Hunter, his Counsel, and many "with hospitable thoughts intent" seeking after the welfare of the new comers and ministering to their wants. In a very few hours the most of them had found places in which to reside.

Elder [John Worlock] Shepherd, clerk to the company, courteously furnishes us with the following list of deaths:—Rosemund Thorpe, aged 52, died July 22; Mathalerna Klosner, aged 28, died July 25th; Jerkob Klosner, aged 28, died Aug. 4th; Grace Jacobs, aged 42, died Aug. 8th; Elizabeth Oliver, aged 17, died Aug. 18th; Lilly J. Lambourn, an infant, died Aug. 25th; Elizabeth Oliver, aged 48, died Sep. 19th; John Adams, aged 48, died Sep. 24th, and was buried after the train arrived in the city.

There was one birth on the trip across the plains.