Transcript for "Got In," Semi-Weekly Telegraph, 11 October 1866, 2

GOT IN.—Capt. Scott's train got into the City yesterday forenoon.

Capt. Arza E. Hinkley got back to the city on Sunday evening with about 70 of the immigrants from Capt. [Abner] Lowry's train—450 miles east of this. Capt. Hinkley passed Capt. [Horton D.] Haight's train at Green River, as he was coming in, consequently Capt. H. cannot be very far from the Weber. Captain Lowry has probably by this time passed Ham's Fork.

The prudential measures of the President in sending out Capt. Hinkley to render assistance to the late trains, have been singularly favored, and much credit is due to Capt. Hinkley, those who accompanied him, and those who fitted out that relief to the poor. We hope they will all get in before a change of weather.