Transcript for "Got In," Semi-Weekly Telegraph, 7 September 1868, 2


GOT IN.—Captain S. M. Molen’s train got in this afternoon, with over 300 saints. He brings also a large amount of freight "for Jennings & Co. and others." They have made a quick trip, only twenty-one days en route. One child died on the way, and a little girl, the daughter of Capt. Mallett, was unfortunately run over near Bear River; but we are pleased to learn that she is not fatally injured.

Captain McArthur’s train, with over 400 saints, got in shortly after Captain Molen’s just 20 days from Benton. Five small children died on the way, and a young man named Henry Popple [Pople] accidentally shot and killed himself on August 14th, just as he returned to the camp from a shooting excursion.