Transcript for Walter Granger temple record, circa 1877-1891, 102

. . . . landed in Boston on the first day of May 1856[.] then went by Steamboat and Railway to Iwoa [Iowa] City our Randouse preparatery to the Journey accross the Plains. the day after our arrival here my wife give birth to a child which died before they had time to dress it[.] our family then consisted Robert[,] Alexander[,] Catherine[,] Walter & John[.] We were organized into Captain Daniel D McArthurs handcart company[.] of the hardships of that journey I have tryed to forget[;] therefore will not write about it[.] have Ever thankful to god our heavenly [Father] for his protecting for we were all Spared to reach Salt Lake City which we did on the 26 day of September 1856.