Transcript for Green Flake in The Book of the Pioneers Volume 1 (Utah Semi-Centennial Commission, 1897), 242

1847—Utah Pioneer Jubilee—1897
July 24, 1897

Green Flake, Pioneer

I resided on Coton Wood {Cottonwood} Utah for 40 years


Bingham Co. Idaho

Idaho State

Born in north Car{o}lina, th}

mads burr

Anson Co

North Carolina

Arrived in Salt Lake Valley
Arrived in salt in 1847 in July 21rd

Whose Company
Brigham Young Company

Captain of 100
Stevens H Markinun {Markham}

Captain of 50
I don't recalet the Captain of 50

Captain of 10
John Brown Captain of 10




The first we met was the Poniendines {Pawnee} met us all in war like and demaned Pay for Crossing the Country after Presedent Young Councld with them{,} then by Paying them Something they give us Permisson to Cross there Country{.} Then we cross the luck {Loup} fork of the Plat{te} then we traveled up the P{l}at{te} and I was in my waagon

Traviling I look to the left and Saw a Calf laying{,} it never Came to my mind being a bufflow{.} there was a man walking to my right with his gun on his Shoulder his name was Ira{.} I haulted my team and Spoke to Ira an told him there was a Calf{.} Ira asking Where{?} looking astonished he ses a buffow{.} he stept to the front of my team and shot at it an Just grasped his withers{.} The Calf{,} It raise to his feet {illegible text}