Transcript for Greer, Dickson Hamblin, Autobiography and biographical sketches [ca. 1865-1940], [2-3]

A portion of our company left Milam Co Texas March 5, 1855 with a company of 8 Families, Father N H Greer[,] Jery Langford the same that has charge of Saltair resort, Marvin Jones[,] G. D. Greer, E. W. East. Widow Johnson & 6 grown children. 3 boys—3 girls S. M. Johnson & wife James York & wife—John Lyford old Batch [bachelor,] George L Woods Young Batch[,] Will Crawford " and 12 waggons one Buggy—105 head of cattle 75 or 80 horses & mules was Bound for Salt Lake as new converts to Mormon Faith abt 35 soles all told–—

arrived at Atchison about 1st June a distance of about 12 or 1300 mils from s[t]arting place where we previously arranged to load 35 waggons with merchandise which were purchased at St. Louis by my Father N H Greer & in addition to our company was aded there was about 70—emigrants mostly English

One Lady from California [Eleanor McLean], I mention her on acc[oun]t of the sad history in which she was connected[.] that was death of Parley P. Pratt which he met about 1 yr latter & not verry many miles below near Kansas City M[iss]o[uri]. By [Hector] Mclean a former husband but I believe he had no Just Cause for the Murder as I know what the woman often said she left a dirty Drunkon brute and would die rather than be his wife again & as she traviled the entire Journey in our company & was assistant to my mother in camp duties & learned from her converse that she intended to marry Parley P Prat when we arrived in Sa[l]t Lake City which a portion of us did about 10th sept but we had a hard time to reach the valley as we used to say we laid away 35 out of the 105 about 1/3 cholera struck our camp one days jo[u]rney from Atchison & stayd untill we reached the Platt[e], then had measles—