Transcript for Griffith Roberts reminiscence and diary, circa 1865, 19-21

In the Evening of the same day as we landed, we were disbached on our journey to the State of Iowa, by "Rail," Via Albany, Buffalo, Chigago, Rock Island to Iowa City, (7 Days journey) We camped about 3 miles West of the above named City, for 3 weeks,

As I was rather short of money, my wife & myself went to Iowa City to seek for something to do at our Trade, so I had a job to make a suit of Clothe from one Brother, named, John Morris, a Forman in a Tailor shop in the City, And my wife had some quilting to do, at the same house, And we made about seven Dollars and Fifty Cents And with this money we were able to bye provisions to enable us to reach "Florence,"

About the 20th May, we left our camping ground and traveled the first day about 3 miles, and camped, hear we were organized as a Company, under the dictation of Elder James A. Little, as follows,:—Elder Israel Evans, as our Captain, Benjamin Ashby as his assistant, And myself "Captain of the Guard,"

There were of us about 150, or 160, men, women & children, we had one chigago waggon, & 4 mules leaving Iowa, about 33 Hand-Carts, &c and 9 tents, we were 3 weeks crossing the state of "Iowa" Roads muddy, and almost unpassable in many places.

When we arrived at "Council Bluffs," we hard the sad inteligence of the martyrdom of Elder, Parley, Peter, Pratt,

We arived at Florence, and stopped hear nearly two weeks preparing for the other part of the journey, about the first of July, we left Florence having recived about 20 more men, & women to swell the number of our little Company. We traveled the first Day, and camped on little "Papio," Next morning we were honoured by a visit from Elder John Taylor, & Elder Erastus Snow, of the quorum of the "Twelve," And they gave us valuable instructions in relation to traveling &c we reached the "Elk Horn" River by the 4th And camped on the East banks, this being Sunday, we stayed untill monday, And as the River had flooded over the Bottoms at the Crossing we had to go up the River for 18 miles to get to the Ferry We reached to "Loup Fork" River by the Friday following and hear found a small settlement of the Brethren, About 100 families, called the "Beaver Settlement"

And as the Saints were anxious for us to tarry there over Sunday, being that Elder Erastus Snow, was there, we did so, and by so doing, gave an opportunity for the sisters to wash &c

some parts of the journey, I suffered much from the "Palpatation of the heart" As we had very heavy roads to pull the "Hand Carts" over very many sand Hills, and swampy ground, &c

When we got to the Buffalo Country our Bakon [bacon] was running very short, 12 of us went out after a Buffalo, And after much running and shooting, we succeded in securing him, and cutt him up, and packed him on 4 or 5 Hand Carts, that the Brothren unloaded at the Camp for that purpose, we reached camp about 12 oclock at night, &c

About this time a Bro. from St. Louis died; he was in "decline" for 7 years.

a little Baby died about the same time who was born when we were stoping at Genoa City, or the "Beaver Settlement,"

When we were about "chimney Rock" we found all our "provisions Bags" empty, except the Floor Sack, And we traveled to Great, Salt, Lake City, with but little else than Bread, & water,

On the "South Pafs" pr "Pacific Springs" we met 75 "Horse-Men" under the command of Col. R. T. Burton, traveling East to watch the movements of the U.S. Troops (or mobs) sent hear, by President James Buchanan to destroy the Servants of God, And scatter the saints, these men (or Brothren) under the command of Col. Burton, were in exelent spirits we camped with them that night, And we were greatly encouraged by Elders James, W. Cummings, & R.T. Burton,

Next day, we saw, at about 2 miles distance, another company of 50 men (as we learned by one of the Brothren running to meet them,) they were traveling on another Road, these were from "Provo" City

Sep, 11th Friday noon, we entered Great, Salt, Lake City, the first one we saw of our aquointances, was Brother Edward Parry, Park, St George, he greeted us very warmly, next was Brother E.C. Morris, & Bro. Edward L. Parry, close by Pres, B. Young's house

We then went to camp to the 17th Ward Square, And about half past 2 p.m. my friend & Brother John Parry, Jun, came to the camping ground to see me, also sister Parry came and took us home to their house, and made us welcome, And we truly felt thankfull for the kind reception, And the comfortable rest which we found at Bro. John Parry, Jun's house, for we had arrived in Salt Lake City, penny-less, And had no means by which we could procure food or lodging.