Transcript for Groo, Isaac, Diary, 1854 Apr.-[Sept]. MS 1003 fd 2

Wed, 21st started for Salt Lake, went about 15 miles, was organized in Brother [William] Field Company, Father captain of ten.

Thursday 22d Camp commenced moving 8 AM, Traveled till about 5 PM without finding water and then came to a fine spring after travelling about 20 miles camped on said stream[.] all well tonight except Sarah [Elizabeth Gillett Groo].

Friday 23d Moved about five miles, camped on a small stream, washed, baked and children gathered a lot of clams. Clara Tuttle died today. Rest all well, weather all fine.

Saturday 24th Myself not very well today, camped for dinner on a beautiful stream. After dinner caught a sword fish. After noon drove about 8 miles, camped on a large stream, water grass good.

Sunday 25th Arrived at Oak Grove. 65 miles from Fort Leavenworth on the bank of a beautiful stream—-met some government teams returning from Fort Laramie. They had two buffalos.

Monday 26th: Camp only moved across the stream. Father [Horace Gillett] buried today about 3 PM.

Tuesday 27th: Camp traveled about twenty miles without finding wood or water, then came to a small stream where wood and water was plenty. Buried a child in our camp today, another sick with cholera, died this evening.

Wednesday 28th: Traveled about 10 miles weather very hot. Thermometer 102 in the shade. Camped about 5 PM on a splendid stream of fish [fresh] water, plenty of feed for cattle.

Thursday 29th: Drove about 20 miles, got into dark. Good water in [blank space]

Friday 30th: Passed the St. Joseph road about noon. Camped about two hrs for dinner on the bank of a small stream, night camped about 13 miles from Big Blue.

Saturday, July 1st, 1854[.] Weather cool & delightful, 8 Am drove 13 miles, camped on Big Blue, 140 miles from Fort Leavenworth.

Sunday 2d: Did not travel, wrote to Nancy—

Monday 3d[.] Paid 10 ? apiece to cross the ferry, crossed without any accident and camped on the other side.

Tuesday 4th. Drove 12 miles, camped where grass and water was plenty. Spent 4 hrs looking for lost oxen, found them.

Wednesday 5th. Afternoon had plenty of Indians with some 150 or 200 camped with us at night. [blank space] broke down today.

Thursday 6th. Indians came to camp from every direction today. Our camp gave them their breakfast, drove about 15 miles, camped on a small stream. The boys found plenty of minerals which looked like gold., they also found coal. Broke two axeltrees today.

Friday 7th[.] Camp did not move till noon in consequence of the broken wagons. Some Indians camped with us again last night.

Saturday 8th[.] Salt Lake mail pASsed us while we were camped for dinner. Weather cold & windy. PM rainy.

Sunday 9th: Drove about 5 miles, camped on a small stream.

Monday 10th[.] Drove 15 miles, camped on Little Blue

Tuesday 11th[.] Traveled about 18 miles, camped on a small stream of clear water, two axeltrees in camp brokeertadayvery [broken today very] bad in forenoon—afternoon saw a number of deer.

Wednesday 12th[.] Camp did not travel in consequence of the broken axeltrees, commenced letter to Wm. P. this afternoon.

Thursday 13th[.] Drove about 20 miles, met some men returning from California & Oregon.

Friday 14th[.] Left the Little Blue—-n Drove b 10 miles in forenoon, camped for dinner on the bank of what had once been a stream but now only muddy water.

Sat. 15th[.] Camp traveled about 18 miles, camped for dinner without feed wood & water. Night camp found no wood & scarcely any water.

Sunday 16th, Traveled about 12 miles—-reached Fort Kearny about noon. Camped on the bank of No. Platt[e] River—-wood scarce.

Monday 17th—-Did not travel—-mailed letter to Wm.

Septx18th, Mother quite unwell-—camp traveled about 16 miles, camped on a spot where grass was first rate and plenty of Platt[e] water—-and wood by crossing the river—-had a thunderstorm in the night.

Wednesday 19th—-Hot day—-saw a large herd of buffalo. Camp travelled about 18 miles. Had a thunderstorm at night.

Thursday 20th—-Morning fair & cool. Road very muddy today. One of Company shot a buffalo cow but was driven away from it by a large herd of bulls. Met some team from Laramie.

Friday 21st[.] Cold east wind in the morning—-also some thunder[;] camp traveled, Camp traveled about 18 miles.

SAt. 22d[.] Saw a white man and negro wench living 85 miles from Kearny about 4 PM [blank space] shot a large bull buffalo.

Sunday 23d[.] Did not travel more than 5 or 6 miles—-found some choke cherries today.Monday 24th MEt some traders from the Rocky Mts., killed a buffalo today—-camped on a running slough about ¾ mile from the river.

Monday 25th[.] MEt 10 wagons of dissenters returning to the states.

Wednesday 26th[.] Traveled about 15 or 16 miles very dirty & dusty.

Thursday 27th[.] Very hot—-killed Sheeligs? ox in the morning, evening had a hot breeze.

Friday 28th[.] Morning cool at noon and after very hot crossed the south fork of Platte River in the forenoon. Afternoon one of our oxen died when we were about ½ way between the S. & N. Fork of the Platte—-camped at evening on the top of a tremendous high rocky bluff without wood, water or grass. About 2 oclock at night had a heavy wind and some rain accompanied with thunder & lightening.

Sat. 29th[.] Came down the bluff without any accident but was compelled to lock both wheels of wagons and then hitch a chain to the axels and all hands pulled back. Reached the Platt[e] about 11 AM and camped the rest of the day.

Sunday 30th, Did not travel—-drove our oxen across the river and coming back came near being drowned.

Monday 31st[.] Did not travel

Tuesday August 1, 1854[.] Camp drove about 10 miles over a very sandy road-- at night camped with two of the Apostles, Benson & [,] Snow[,] Spencer and some others from the Valley.

Wednesday 2d[.] Wrote to John[.] Benson & Snow made some appropriate remarks to our camp in regards to being careful of our cattle and to try to travel every day so as to reach S[.]L.C. before winter. Camp did move today.

Thursday 3d[.] Found the cattle separated and scattered from Ash Hollow to 12 miles up the Platte and 3 of them could not be found. No traveling today except hunting for cattle.

Friday 4th: 15 of us went back to Ash Hollow to h search for lost cattle, found their tracks going back to S. Fork of Platt[e]. [Robert] Hodge[r]t, Davis and Hartl[e]y followed after them—-the rest of us returned to camp.

Sat. 5th: Brother Willes [Samuel Hobson Wells] and myself got in camp today at noon nearlyy exhausted with fatigue having traveled since 12 last night. Poulter sent some provisions to Hodge[r]t & Hartl[e]y. Camp graveled about 6 miles today being the first since Tues.

Sunday 6th: Traveled about 15 miles over a very sandy road—found a lost steer

Monday 7th: Forenoon did not travel. Afternoon drove about 10 miles.

Tuesday 8th: Camp traveled about 15 miles in forenoon[.] crossed a beautiful stream of water. Drove some three miles off road to camp at night.

Wed. 9th: In sight of Chimney Rock—-Drove about 16 miles and still 5 or 6 miles from said rocks, crossed a fine creek today about noon. Distance from other creek about 15, miles.

Thursday 10th: Sunrise PoulteR returned with lost cattle. 1 o’clock we passed Chimney Rock m camped about 4 on the bank of the Platt[e], no wood and grass poor. Drove our cattle across the river where feed for cattle was first rate.

Friday 11th: Lost sight of Chimney Rock abt 2 AM at the same time left the river and traveled up among Scotts Bluffs over a beautiful road—-did not find a place to camp till 9 in eve, then arrived at an excellent spring of water—-also plenty of wood but grass very scarce.

Sat. 12th: MornIng cool after driving about 2 miles from camp, came to steep bluff to ascend. Excellent spring of good cool water there among the Bluffs also many choke cherries and currants. Camp drove about 16 miles today. Camped about 5 o’clock PM on a small branch of Platt[e]—Beautiful camping place without wood. xxxxxxxxxx: Traveled about 15 miles met a camp of traders from Sweet water, camped at night on the bank of the Platt[e] witHOUt driving off the road—-had a thunder shower.

Sunday 13th: DRove 16 miles, passed 2 trading posts, one 8 and the other 10 miles from Fort Laramie, camped at night about 3½ miles from the fort—-passed an Indian camp today of about 3,000 souls.

Monday 14th[.] Passed Laramie and camped about 2 miles westt of the fort on the bank of the Platt[e]. Brother Orson Pratt and Eldridge [Eldredge] camped with us at night, wrote Bro. Brundage today and to Wm. Gillet[t] yesterday, road from last night, hilly and sandy.

Tuesday 15th: Traveled about 10 miles, some of the way road very SAndy and very steep hill to descend. Plenty of wood where we camped but grass sparce.

Wed. 16th: Camp moved 15 miles, had two steep hills to ascend, one sandy and other rocky, found no place to camp till about 4 PM, then came to a delightful spot where wood, water and grass of the best kind was plenty, also cherries, currants and hops—-very large cold spring R of R

Thurs. 17th: Did not find our cattle until noon, then drove about 18 milEs to a horse xxxx creek, got there a little before sunrise, found plenty of wood & water, the grass very scarce, 2 very steep hills to ascend and descend today.

Friday 18th: Mail for Salt Lake passed us before we started in the morning, after driving abput [about] two miles came to a very long steep stony hill and was nearly all day ascending it—-was compelled to double our teams. Camped at night 2½ miles west of said hill, wood and water plenty but grass scarce, cold spring about 250 yards on the right of the road. Down the creek saw a large number of Indians today t

Sat. 19th: Morning windy and cool, camp moved 13 miles, then caM

ed on the Debout [La Bonte] River, found an excellent spring on the bank of the spring, killed two sage chickens, a camp of Indians nearby. Road today very hilly and hard to travel.

Sunday 20th: Brown’s company overtook us today, our camp divided into two companies and I was counseled to go on with 18 waGons and complied with the request by starting on about ½ past 5 PM. We drove 5 miles and camped for the night where wood and water was plenty, grass scarce.

Monday 21st: CaMp started at ½ past 6 AM traveled 14½ miles and arrived at Le Dechease River about 2 PM and camped for dinner ½ past 3, started on and drove 4½ miles to a small creek of beautiful water and camped for the night.

Tues. 22d: Started at daylight and drove 4½ miles to a large stream of clear water and camped for breakfast, quite a number of Indians camped in the same place. After breakfast drove 9 miles and camped the rest of the day.

Wed. 23d. Left Deer Creek at ½ past 7 AM and drove ten miles, then camped for dinner. After dinner drove 6½ miles and came to the Platte ½ hr. before sunset. Found plenty of grass for our cattle and wood for ourselves. Saw two Indians where we were camping. In the evening had a prayer meeting[.] Found 8 oxen this morning and at noon found owner for themn, had some rain this afternoon.

Thursday 24th: In the forenoon traveled 12 miles and came to fording of the North Platte. Camped for dinner before crossing. Afternoon forded the river and drove about three miles and camped on the north bank of the Platte. Grass plenty.

Friday 25th: Followed up the Platte aboUT 8 miles and found one alkali stream and camped ½ hr for dinner, no feed. Afternoon drove about 14 miles and came to a cold spring about 5 PM.

Sat. 26th: Camp drove about 10 miles in AM, then camped for dinner, afternoon drove about 6 miles to Grase[a]wood creek and camped for night. Drove our cattle two miles up the stream for grass and stayed with them for the night.

Sunday 27th: Traveled 2½ miles Salaratus Lakes. Camped at about ½ past 2 on bank of Sweetwater River, gathered about 50 pounds of soda.

Monday 28th: Drove 17 miles, camped at night on the bank of Sweetwater, grass plenty also sage brush.

Tues. 29th: Traveled 17 miles, camped on bank of the Sweetwater, grass plenty.

Wed. 30th: Camped at noon on the Sweetwater. Very little grass, afternoon drove about 4 miles and camped for the night, grass pretty good but no water.

Thursday 31st: Drove about 18 miles, camped at noon and night on the Sweetwater and noon grass poor but at night first rate, found a good steer this afternoon.

Friday September 1st: Traveled about 15½ miles without food or drink over a tremendous rocky bluff, then camped on Strawberry Creek, Water plenty but grass scarced [scarce] Found Horner today

Sat. 2d Drove 10 miles, afternoon did not travel but devoted our time shoeing oxen, camped on SW.

Sunday 3d: Went over the US [South] pass and camped at Pacific Springs, drove 12½ miles.

Monday 4yth: Traveled till about 3 PM, then camped for supper. Grass very scarce and water not very good, met some men from Fort Brady -—drove about 5 or 6 miles in eve, then camped without grass or water.

Tuesday Septg 5th: Drove till noon without finding any grass or water, then came to Big Sandy, water first rate but no feed except a few willow brush, did not travel in the afternoon till after sundownn then drove to the crossing of Big Sandy. Lost my ox this afternoon, camped at ½ past 9 at night without any grass or feed for cattle but willows. [George] Dunford refused to stand guard this evening.

Wed. 6th: Traveled about k 10 miles and came to Big Sandy again, grass very good—-camped about 3½ mile, then drove about 4 miles down the stream and camped for the night, grass good. [Thomas] Emmett lost his ox.

Thurs. 7th: Traveled about 10 miles and came to Green river about 11 AM, grass down said river good. Camped about 3 hrs for dinner, then crossed the river and drove aBOUT 3 miles and camped for night, grass and food plenty.

Friday 8th: Drove 18 miles and came to Black Fox [Black’s Fork]-—grass good but wood scarce.

End of Diary