Transcript for Haderlie, Charles Henry, Autobiographical sketch, [ca. 1932], 1

After resting a few weeks in camp [Florence, Nebraska] and waiting for the organization of the company going West and give the mules a chance to rest up a little for the trip, we started on our journey. We were fortunate in being assigned to my Uncle's [Jacob Zollinger] outfit, consisting of four mules and one wagon and assigned to Thomas E. Ricks Company. In my Uncle's wagon were Father [John Ulrich Haderlie], Mother, Sister, Louisa, Emily, the baby and myself of our family, he also had another family in his wagon consisting of two aged people, two sisters and a Brother and with my Uncle as driver there were eleven persons in our wagon.

With four head of mules we left for the overland journey July 15, 1866, everything went well without any serious mishaps except while crossing the Platte River in Neb., one of the mules laid down in the water which was over three feet deep and it took considerable time to get him on his feet again. Proceeding on, our trip, my little Sister Emily, <Anna> took seriously ill of fever and ague and died somewhere in the neighborhood of Evingston, [Evanston] Wyoming. A little casket was made out of a mess-box of a wagon and she was laid away in a lonely grave.

We arrived in Salt Lake City, Sept. 16, 1866.