Transcript for Hale, Alma Helaman, Autobiography, [ca. 1901], 9-11

Things remained quiet and we enjoyed the peace and tranquility of our home until April 1862, when I was called and sent as a teamster in Joseph Horn[e]'s Co. to go to the Missouri River. There we met a number of the Latter Day Saints (who had set out for Zion) and returned with them to Salt Lake valley. We arrived in Salt Lake City September 13, of the same year. While journeying to the Missouri I was chosen and acted as Captain of the night guard and as Wagon-master. Returning to Salt Lake City I was placed in charge of the commissary, or supply department, for the Immigrants.

At the time I was called to go with this company, my wife Sarah was very sick, apparently she was sick unto death. I approached our noble Bishop, Wm. G. Young, concerning the advisability of my going, with the conditions surrounding me at home as they were. The Bp. in reply said, "Bro. Alma, if you will go and perform your duty faithfully your wife shall get well".

At this time I had two yoke of oxen. I was compelled to sell one in order to procure the necessary means wherewith to equipe my outfit for the journey I was about to undertake. Taking the other yoke of oxen I departed upon my mission, leaving the home devoid of a team, my wife sick in bed with the 2 children of my wife Elizabeth—who had died the year previous—upon her hands to care for. I never heard from my family from the time I left in April until my return again the 13th. of September. The pen is too week to portray to you the joy I felt (after those 5 or 6 months of hard worry and suffering of mind, wondering if my wife had died or was getting better as had been promised me upon the eve of my departure) when I drove into the yards at home and found my wife well and hearty and everything in general in a good and prosperous condition. I felt to thank my Father in Heaven for the blessings that had been showered down upon my family through my performing my duty although surrounded with adverse circumstances and conditions.