Transcript for Hall, Martha Ann Gillson, [Interview], in "Utah Pioneer Biographies," 44 vols., 12:39, 41

10. At what place did you join the company of wagon train with which you came to Utah?

10. They came by train and boat to Omaha and then across the Missouri River to Council Bluffs, Iowa where they fitted themselves up with an ox team and a wagon for their trip across the plains.

11. When did it leave for Utah?
11. They left Council Bluffs in June 1859.

12. What was the place of your destination in Utah? Why did you come to Utah?
12. Their destination was Salt Lake City, Utah.

13. When did you arrive there?
September 16, 1859, they arrived in Salt Lake City....

14. Who was the leader of your company or train?
14. Captain Edward Stevenson was the leader of their company.

15. Method of travel (handcart, ox team, mule team, horseback, etc.)
15. Their wagon was so heavily loaded that the family were compelled to walk most of the way. The wagon was drawn by two yokes of oxen.

34. Tell about coming to your state in a covered wagon.
34. When they came across the plains in 1859 their progress was very slow. One of their oxen gave out along the way so they had to use only the three to pull the heavy wagon. She remembers how her poor mother would become so tired she would sit down by the side of the road and tell them to drive on and leave her there to die. It took them three months to get from Council Bluffs to Salt Lake City.