Transcript for Hamilton, Henry, Journals [1851]-1900, fd. 2, vol. 3

Thursday 27th Novermber while on Green river I begin my journal again from this & I will give from May the 25th as far as I mid or as I feel to do the 1st week on the Sea I was bound up in my bow[e]ls so I felt not right & was away almost from eating food but I got some caster [castor] Oil from Jessie Havan [Jesse Haven] & I got right after that & the Captin got a hole in the top of the gallie [galley] which made it a good deal better & got also 3 men to assist me in cooking as there was such a number on board there was 836 persons. Edward Martin was President & Jessie Havan [Haven] & Father George Waugh his Counselors[.] we had a pretty good time of it & a good voyage[.] we landed in Boston from the time we left Liverpool in 35 days[.] there was littel [little] sickness amongst us[.] there was 2 marri[a]ges. 45 4 or 5 deaths & 3 or 4 bearths [births] while on the voyage. we started with the train from Boston about 1st of July went with the train about 1700 Miles[.] landed first in Albanie [Albany.] I was there about 3 hours, before the rest of the passangers on to me leaving the train. as I had to wait on 2 of the Sisters & bring them from the hostel to the train[.] the next place we landed at was Buffilo [Buffalo.] I was at each place on the way mostly left to shift the luggage on the way along with a lot more of the boys. in Chigaigho [Chicago] all the Saints stopt over night in a large Shade[.] I was on guard the 1st part of the night[.] there was several men came along & was inquiring about the number of the Saints &c talking about Poligiamea [Polygamy] & their hearts as black as hell but there happened to be a fire in the Town that night which took the attention of the people from the Saints a good deal[.] when we came up this len[g]th we found quite a different Spirit among the people but to the worse they appeared to be far more wicked. we stoped all night in Rock Island but the main bodie of the Saints went on before midday[.] there was some fellowes came round to trouble us at night. Just as was going to sleep I stood guard the 1st part of the night[.] the fellowes came a round making a pretense to see if the Waggon Wheels was right but they were desirious to get away a young girle we had with us[,] but they could not accomplish there design. we rode up the next day to Iowa but I had to stopt at the station all that day & got up next day which was the 9th or 10th of July[.] I found Mother Smith & Family there all well & E Mitchell[.] I [was] truly glad to see them as they were also to see me[.] they took & washed all my fowle [foul] clothes.

they Started with there hand carts about the 16th of July & it was truly good to see them roll out. I wrote a letter for my Mother & 1 E Cowper & sent things off to Dundee informing them about when I was to start off for the City of Salt Lake &c[.] I truly felt glad in getting the oppertunity of going but the way opened up for me right[.] Elder Edward Martin beaing the President of the Company accross the Sea I asked him if there was any way for me to go for to drive a team so he went & inquired of Thomas Tennent Esq[.] so he talked a littel to me about it[.] so he payed my way up to Iowa camp ground about 2 pounds 4 shillings.

All the hand cart companies went off before we started on August 1st & camped ¾ of Mile off before we crossed the 1st brid[g]e we left Walker & his company took us fulley 4 weeks to get up to Florance [Florence] a distance of about 300 Miles[.] we had very warm times of it & hard too with the cattel beaing so unrueley [unruly] & not beaing acustomed driveing a team[.] on the way we could have got all the plumbs [plums] we wanted[.] Yea Waggon loads of them. I lost my jacket & vest 1 day comming along & my journal was wet & other things too.

left Flowerance [Florence] about the 1st or 2nd of September[.] brother Tennent had 3 Waggons up to this[.] he then got another 1 so these 4 & Jessie Havans [Jesse Havens] went from John Hunts Comp[an]y to Bengemen [Benjamin] Hodget[t]s Company as it was moved on a littel[.] Br [Thomas] Tennent & Wife [Jane Ayrton Tennant] & yo[u]ng boy [Thomas Tennant] & the Wife Mother [Isabella Lambert Ayrton] took bad here with the fever & ague[.] the Wife got better & he took bad with the Diaharrea & died just after we crossed Scotz [Scotts] Bluffs[.] I seen him die it was 1/2 past 1 P.M. October 4th[.] took & buirid [buried] him at Fort Laramie[.] was 1 of our teamsters took bad with a loosness & died on the 26 of the same mounth [month] & was buried 10 Miles above the upper crossing of Platte where the first Snow came on us[.] his name is Henry Satterlie [Starlie.] we was stopt here 10 days with the Snow[.] the Cattel got so weak not getting feed. while we was here the express came on from Devils Gate which cheered our hearts[.] Our fourth & Martins Company of hand carts was booth [both] together that day[.] they were deying [dying] off fast & beaing buried 6 & 7 in a day with cold & hunger & fetuage [fatigue.] together from that day we began to go a littel each day till we came to Devel [Devil’s] Gate.

Sister [Jane Ayrton] Tennets Mother [Isabella Lambert Ayrton] Died on Octr. 30th & was buired [buried] at Willow Spring. we had to stopt 7 days at the D[evil’s] Gate on account of the Snow[.] There was a [g]reat many of the cattel died here for want of feed. when we came here we found George D Grant & Robert Burton[,] CH Wheelock & a good many others[.] Joseph Young & another 1 went on express to the Valley to let the circumstances of the companies be known. when we came along passed by where A[lmon] W Babbit[t] & party was killed by the Indi[a]ns[,] we had come on where Marget[t]s & party was killed by the Indi[a]ns[.] I seen that place.

about the 20th of October when the 1st Snow came on we had to go on allowence of flower [flour.] about this time the hand cart people was on a 4 Ounzes per day. and Companies left about T 1/2 of our waggons at D[evil’s] Gate & ¾ of the good[s] as Jessie Havan [Jesse Haven] had the charge of Tennants Waggons[.] his & Tennent went saperate from the time we left D[evil’s] Gate from the rest[.] we got out of flower [flour] several times but generaly had plenty of beef & Coffee & Sugar &c. we stoped 2 or 3 days at Green River secd [secured] several times a small quantity of flower [flour].

Wednesday 26th did not get anything to eat this day till about 3 P.M. then measly got some few Peashes[,] ½ # of Bacon & some Tea between 7 of us[.] there was a few Waggons come from B[r]idger with flower [flour] & with advises to leave all that could be left[.] the Haffers [Heifers] was all left here & several oxen &c

Thursday 4th December landed at Bridger[.] found those that had been assisted with teams from Ft Supply there & others & littel prospect of getting any as Br Brigham had wrote to the effect not to come on in the present condition but Elder Jessie Havan [Jesse Haven] was to start out so he [text missing]

Friday 5th Elder Jessie Havan asked us boys if we would start with him & he would give us 1 lb of flower [flour] per day & the first night he would give them bread & butter[.] so the boys concented to go but I objected on account of Pres. B Youngs letter, but he got another man in my Plase & started on Satarday Evening although Captin Hunt counseled him not to go. So after he was away a few hours an express came from the City that 60 Waggons was on there was [way] and plenty of flower [flour] & we give 3 cheers, after the boys getting there all made ready to go to where we could get wood to make loge [log] houses for the winter

Sabbath 7th we got 2 lbs of flower [flour] each & 2½ lbss of good beef between 3 of us[.] there was a lot of waggons come in on Sunday[,] Monday & Tuesday

Wednesday 10th I started off this morning with the Spring Vaolle [Valley] Company[.] we landed at Bear River 38 Miles off

Thursday 11th hard pulling in the Snow[.] Camped at the Weber[.] I lost 1 of my shose [shoes] to day

Friday 12th went to Cotton Wood [Cottonwood] grove[.] Snowed which made it worse

Satarday 13th Crossed the big Mountain[.] I traveled the most of the days journey[.] got some clothes on my feet

Sabbath 14th crossed the littel [Little] Mountain[.] landed in the City about 3 P.M. It was hard pulling[.] I passed through the Snow on the litte [Little] Mountain about 1½ feet above my head. it was truly a happy sight for us to see the Valley[.] When I landed I seen Elder D.S. Mcarthur so he invited me to his house[.] I went with him & stoped over night[.] I had just to wear cloths on my feet for want of shoes the way I never had to do before[.] yet I was glad that the Lord spaired me to come to the Vallies of the Mountains




1868 Aug 14th [Friday] I could find no word of Mother I then tryed to get some work while I could here from her but could get none[.] I next went to see some aquentance at the Penitenitiary who was guard so I put up there doing some guarding etc for him till we heard of Capt. Haights train was coming in so me + the guard David Burnett Jr. started on on Satur. 22nd to meet the train as we expected that Mother Buist his Mother in Law was along with Mother[.] We could not go the lenth of the train on account of our rig + team therefore we camped out all night.

Sabb. 23rd I started of over the divide + went until I found the train[.] Mother did not know me[.] She and Mother buist was very frail[.] I brought them up to George Fraughton about a mile from where the company nooned + we had dinner in George's[.] we twaited then untill the train came up[.] David's mother in law did not know him either[.] we then went off over the summit got to our teams + started out ofr David's house[.] got there a little after dark.

Mond. 24th The train came along about 11 A.M. so Mother + I came to the City with it[.] stoped on the camp ground by the Tithing Office[.] the [illeg] was fine.