Transcript for Hannah Crompton Thompson, Biographical information relating to Mormon pioneer overland travel database, 2003-2017

[The history from which this excerpt was taken was told to Lucy Hannah Williams Lowman (granddaughter,), when Hannah was 79 years old.]

On 11 July 1861, Hannah, her father, stepmother, their two children, and her brother, Joseph started for Zion.  They went by train to Lawrence, Kansas, then joined a train of Mormon Pioneers coming west with the Captain Horne Company.  She walked the entire distance from Lawrence, Kansas, to the Great Salt Lake Valley.  There were 299 persons in the Company, 25 wagons, two of which were freight wagons.  Her father had two wagons.  They met some Indians on the way but had no trouble with them.  At Laramie, Wyoming, they got fresh supplies.  They arrived at their destination on 13 September 1862.  After getting settled in a home, Hannah went to work as a maid in President Brigham Young's home.  She said that President Brigham Young was a very kind man.  She never saw her three older brother again.  (She was now 17).

Joseph Thompson came with his father's family with Captain Murdock's Company.  They left Providence, Rhode Island in June 1862 and arrived in the valley 13 September.  He and Hannah Compton were married 28 September 1862.