Transcript for Hannah Isabell Fawcett Nixon, Library of Congress collection of Mormon diaries, 1935-1938

after awhile they got their outfit and started for Utah in the spring of 1850. They joined a company that was going, they formed one ten in the company with Bishop David Eveans [Evans] as their captain. My father [William Fawcett] had a good new wagon and 2 yoke of cows and 15 head of sheep. Mother [Jane Corner Smith Fawcett] and Nephi started to drive the sheep but Nephi got sore footed and mother got the chills through wading creeks so father put the sheep out on shares. Our wagons had projections on the sides with boards across for our beds to lay on, and our luggage underneath. One day George was alone in the wagon when it was going down a hill and the boards slipped forward and caught him around the neck and nearly choked him before they could get him out and I remember one day my father putting me on one of the oxen’s back and holding me on while they crossed the creek, and I remember one day as we were traveling near a river and there was a herd of Buffalo drinking and they were frightened and ran for the hill as fast as they could go but the clatter they made was awful and the dust flew.

Sometimes the men folks would shoot a Buffalo and divided it up and dried the meat. I never tasted sweeter meat in my life. Well, we arrived in Salt Lake City in Sept. 1850.