Transcript for Hans Jensen reminiscences and diary, 1867-1910, 4-5, 18-20

[Transcription is from pages 4 and 5 only.]

When we came to Kansas we received our wagons and lived in them and in our tents in the forest. Here we bought provisions for the trek across the plains. Many died of C[h]olera and among them was my mother. She became ill in the evening and died the next morning. She was buried in the Kansas forest 1 English mile from the town. She died in good faith in the gospel to the last was very ill but didn’t deny the Lord. The whole camp was moved out upon the plains on the western side of the state. Here we received 4 oxen, 2 cows to each wagon and we began to set them in yoke.

There were several companies of English Saints here also and a large number of Meixicans [Mexicans]. My brother Laurits became acquainted with a merchant from Mexico or Santa Fe, and was talked into traveling with him, to my great sorrow. Their company went and we didn’t know it. We now began our trek in the plains. 73 Wagons. Olesen [Hans Peter Olsen] from Zion was captain. The company was well organized all the way through. We made a new road for 330 English miles, through grass as high as the knees. I was at this time sick with cold fever and climate fever, but became well again and could handle the oxen myself. Shortly after we reached the old road we came to Fort Corny [Kearny]. Two days later we killed 22 buffalo. We had an over abundance of meat, many became ill of it. We met a company of missionaries among them were two of the Quorum of 12. Benson to help the company into the valley and Erastus Snow to go to the States on a mission. They spoke kindly to us. We departed happily each in different directions. When we came to Fort Larami[e], the Indians shot 2 cows from our company. Word was sent to the Fort and the soldiers departed and shot the Chief. The Indians killed several soldiers and burned a good part of the Fort. We became afraid and joined with 3 other small companies. We traveled together a long time. We kept strong guard night and day but they didn’t come after us. Another company lost most of their oxen and it was necessary for us to take one from each of our wagons to help them through. Many of our oxen died. We ran out of provisions but there came 16 wagons loaded with flour from Zion to us. They took a number of people with them on their wagons, which were drawn by mules, and we continued rapidly forward. Father Sjaessing stayed with us and showed us the way, and found camping places for us. There came again a small company with provisions for us, and several well known brethren came to us. We reached Salt Lake the 5 October, and camped on Union Square.