Transcript for Hansen, Hans F., Reminiscence and diary 1855-1909, fd. 2, 1

We left St. Louis and went on the steamship up the Missouri River to Kanesville where we arrived in June 1852. There we purchased some wagons and some oxen for the trek across the country to the Rocky Mts. We were unable to purchase enough wagons and oxen for our trip and we had to stay there one month, and then bought some more equipment and prepared ourselves to leave which was set for the first of July. We left Kanesville for the journey ahead of us which we were told was some eleven hundredmiles. During the travel we suffered an awful lot from cold and hunger and shortages of food, but the Lord’s blessings were still with us and we prayed to the Lord and that is what saves us.

There are forty wagons in the company. We proceed on our way with a prayer to the Lord. Our first Captain is Kelsey and our second captain is C. Butler and both of them are good men, and if we will do just as they tell us, everything will be all right. My thoughts are always that I soon will be able to live in what I dream of as a real home, together with the others, and there have peace, and worship God as we desire and no other things will have power to change it.

Arrived Salt Lake City Oct 16, 1852.