Transcript for Hanson, Hans C., Interview, in Stella H. Day, comp., Builders of Early Millard: Biographies of Pioneers of Millard County, 1850 to 1875 [1979], 498

We were about 9 weeks on the plains, but we were seven weeks waiting on banks of the Missouri River at Florence waiting for the oxteams to come from Utah to get us. I was then 12 years old but reached 13 before I got to Utah. We children would pick wild strawberries and raspberries and sell them in Omaha. I bought me a straw hat and a pocket knife with my berry money.

One day we saw an Indian camp and we sure did skidaddle for home. White would put 5 or 10 cents in end of a split stick and have Indians shoot at it. If they knocked the money out of the stick, the money was theirs. (The Indians)