Transcript for Harley, Edwin, Diaries, 1846-1902

June 9 Started with my all to the Valley of salt lake[.] camped on the bottom about a mile from home to waite for compan[y]

10 Travled 5 miles camped above Kanesville

11 Went about 7 miles and campt on the Missouri bottom near the upper ferry

12 wher [were] organized into a company by Elder E.T[.] Benson for the[m] to travle to the valley, from this to the 18[th] layed in camp awaiting our turn to get over the ferry

18 & 19 got the company over the river and camped at winter quarters

June 20 Started on our journey across the plaines[.] I shall now make a short journal of this untill I arive at the valley

23 on our way crossed the Elk Horn River to day

29 continueing our journey crossed over the Loup Fork

July 7 camped at Wood River and continued in camp near this place a number of dayes on account of sickness in the camp

Aug 8 Still continueing our journey [s]lowly[.] we have camped opposit Chimney Rock to night

15 Arived at Fort Larimie [Laramie] to day and crossed the river thier [there]

Aug 25 on our way Camped at Deer Creek and continued near this place for several days

Sep 1 Crossed the Platt[e] for the last time getting along slowly but in safety having lost no cattle <yet> and enjoying reasonable health <ourselves>

6 in Camp at the Devels [Devil’s] Gate on the sweet water river noon a making ox shoes.

13 In camp at the branch of the Sweet Water and continu<ed> thier [there] five days[.] encountered a severe snow storm here

25 having travled slowly we arived a[t] Green river to d<a>y, and two of our company stope [stop] here

Sep 30 Arived at Fort Bridger this evening an[d] continued in camp one d<a>y on account of a heavy Snow storm but not very cold weather

Oct 11 After a long and toilsome journey, we arived at Salt Lake City to day, and camp<ed> in the field near by, And now I shall keep this Journa[l] more compleat again