Transcript for Harrington, Leonard Ellsworth, Reminiscences and journal, 1848 Jan. - 1881 Apr., p. 8-9

Now again to our journeying from Winter Quarters.  We pursued our journey with but little difficulty most of the way.  We travelled up the platte River almost its whole length.  One of my cows died on the road, and my mare and colt was stolen by the Indians in the black hills.  I met with no other losses of much importance, and had no break down.

Arrived in the Valley—Labour &c

My wifes brother Henry Russell came with us, he had no family, and lived with us, and we worked together.  He had two yoke of oxen, one waggon & one cow.  We saw many curiosities on our journey.  Such as chimney rock, Independence rock, Devils gate, Lakes of an article resembling saleratus &c

On the latter part of our journey we found considerable bad road, and a good part of the way extremely dusty.  We arrived in the great Salt lake Valley on the 25th of September, and gladdened were our hearts, to be relieved from our arduous journeying.  I was well pleased with the valley and with the Site for the Salt Lake City.