Transcript for Haslam, Ann Eckersall Redford, Autobiography, [1-2]

All the young people had to walk across the plains. The older ones had the privilege of riding part of the way. We had some very happy times and some very sad times on our journey. While fording the Green River a son of a widow was drowned. The company waited for some time thinking the body would be found. It wasn't so we finally had to go on. The poor mother was heartbroken.

John B. Hill and Richard Williams were called from Wellsville to Laramie. We were passengers in the wagon from Laramie to Wellsville in Captain Loveland's Mule train consisting of forty wagons and about four hundred passengers. While on the way, my brother, John was sent with a load of flour to our train from Simpson Molen's train, as our supply was getting low. We arrived at Salt Lake City 20 Aug. 1868.