Transcript for Hatch, Annie Scarborough, Autobiographical fragment, in Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Collection, 1828-1963, reel 5, item 4, [57]

There is a great deal said these days, about—Keeping a biography of our lives—In the preceeding lines I have put down what came to my mind in my own way—but am afraid it is not very correct <& failed> in a grammatical way—and there are other Items that has been left out, that my children think I should mention—It would have been a pleasure to have gone back to Florence Neb—and gone over the ground where as a little girl of 8 & my bro Jos[eph Brook Scarborough] 10—were housed for a month waiting for the Utah wagons & teamsters to take us on to Zion—How we then were left a lone some times—while mother [Elizabeth Brook Scarborough] went out looking for work so as to buy us food—Then toiling slowly along with Ox teams—crossing plunging into the Rivers over hills and Prairies—stopping at night for a well earned rest for man and beast—natured seemed to have provided these camping spots—water and grass for the animals—who [that] had to—be guarded from any attack of the Indians—but we were fortunate not to have had this trouble as I can remember—

The covered wagons made me sea sick—so I did not have a very pleasant time—my Mother & Bro. walked a great deal of the way—