Transcript for Hawley, Asa S, Autobiography 2

Early in July we started for the valley, going through many pathetic and thrilling scenes. The cholera broke out in our camp, and many died. The most sorrowful to me was the death of Sister [Rebecca Burdick] Winters, one of God’s noble and courageous women. We buried her on the Platte River opposite Scott’s Bluffs. Great was our sorrow in having to leave her there. She has gone to her rest. Thousands of buffalo were in sight every day and their bellowing of a night was one continuous roar. Here, I believe, was a scene that to me was the most grand I had ever witnessed: Four hundred Sioux warriors in their war paint, draped in gaudy apparel, all mounted on fine horses—and young fine looking men they were, going down to fight the Paunees [Pawnees], their old enemies.

It was after many trials and hardships that we arrived in Salt Lake Valley in October.